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Products for CoachesMaintaining Coaching Excellence is an innovative programme for serious coaches interested in their continual professional development (CPD). These resources are designed for coaches of all levels of experience and across a broad range of coaching niches. Whether you consider yourself as an Executive Coach, Corporate Coach, Business Coach, Internal Coach, Coaching Facilitator or something completely different... you will get value from this programme.

CPD Subscriptions - Monthly Membership Options

The most cost effective way of buying this programme is as a monthly membership which includes a 100% risk free 30 day trial that costs you absolutely nothing!

The trial is available as an audio download (MP3) option and, if you like it, after 30 days the CD and printed workbook will be shipped to your door in a stylish hard-case that will grace any bookshelf of coaching resources, along with Month 2's materials. Start building up your definitive coaching library today.

Individual Modules

Or for maximum flexibility choose the individual modules that most appeal to your CPD needs from the selection below... New Modules will be added every month.