An ‘Enquiry-Led Approach’ to Leadership 

We have worked with many organisations to help Leaders adopt an ‘Enquiry-Led Approach’ and we have seen first hand the wealth of benefits gained from having Leaders use more of an ‘Operational Coaching’ style of leadership in their everyday interactions. 

Click any of the boxes below to read about just a few of the fantastic commercial and social benefits our clients experience when they begin to use powerful and insightful questions.

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Other Benefits of Utilising a Coaching Style of Leadership, include: 
  • A proactive and solution based workforce 
  • Increased engagement levels, which leads to reduced attrition 
  • Increased team performance 
  • Better collaborative working skills with peers through improved coaching conversations 
  • Learning to ‘manage up’ by asking better questions 
  • Helping to find powerful solutions to problems 
  • Being better able to work with colleagues from different backgrounds, environments and cultures by adopting a coaching approach 
  • Increased customer/client satisfaction by having a higher performing team 
  • Being able to leverage the new coaching approach in your customer/client interactions 
  • Turning around poor performance 
  • Dealing better with difficult situations and conversations 
  • Improved delegation 
  • Improved client management 

Improved Processes

“Quicker delivery of a project into the business. Once fully embedded it is worth £1m per annum savings.” 

“New cashing-up procedures that allow for cash payments has generated increased revenue of c.£700 per day in one outlet!” 

“Because our Team found the best way to anticipate the works, we haven’t had any claims from tenants – saving overall €300-€500k” 

"The positive moment is the realisation that a command culture is not the only way to get improvements! Coaching and development will help sustain long-term results, not just short-term fixes."

Labour Management

“Working with the Operations Team helping them solve their own issues relating to labour management – saved £4m YTD.” 

“Halved annual sickness rate, saving around £2,000 in shift cover.”

Leveraging Performance

“It allowed me to get the most out of a talented, eager but inexperienced graduate. The completed project probably saved us c£50-£100k. The ongoing benefits to the business are unquantifiable.”

Creating Win/Win Relationships with External Suppliers and Unions

“The supplier ... couldn't understand the impact they have on our operations if the service goes wrong. Taking up a coaching approach stopped the e-mail tennis and we now meet F2F to resolve at monthly intervals. I am adopting the approach to help support a win / win culture.” 

 “Long-term issues have been resolved through a change of approach, including certain discussions with trade unions and, what had been re-occurring, weekly delivery issues, including a reduction in operational cost, delivering 11% YOY improvement."

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