How to Build Management Capability in a
Growing Business 

An Interview with Drake & Morgan’s MD, Jillian MacLean MBE

Jillian MacLean is founder and CEO of Drake & Morgan, which consists of 23 bars and restaurants in landmark locations across London, Edinburgh and Manchester. Jillian has received several industry accolades for her work with Drake & Morgan, which she launched in 2008 and in 2013, she was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2013, for services to the hospitality industry.

Notion has worked with Jillian MacLean MBE and her company, Drake & Morgan, since 2011. Notion initially supported Jillian with Executive Coaching, on her journey to grow the business and this support has evolved over the years to include coaching and development programmes for other Board members and the management team.

Notion’s Strategic Projects Manager, Ruth Phillips, was delighted to meet Jillian MacLean, MD of Drake and Morgan at The Refinery – New Street Square, one of their prestigious venues in central London to talk about how Notion’s STAR® Model has helped this exciting bar and restaurant business to increase management capability during a period of ambitious growth.

Here are some snippets from their conversation...

“I’ve been working with Notion for a number of’s really enhanced not just the culture of the company but actually how we work more effectively together, particularly our senior management team.”

“I would say it was an enormous benefit to us culturally and commercially because we saw the reverse of the decline of that business. It was trading at -10% and within six weeks of acquiring the business we were at +4% like for like and that was across a really underinvested estate. So, we were really impressed with that. At board level, we were also able to discuss the benefits of the programme and the ROI.”

“For anyone about to embark on the STAR® programme, I’d say...go into it with an open mind and actually recognise that it’s probably going to help you transform your organisation as well. The last 12 months have been quite transformational... so as we set sail Drake and Morgan for the next year...we are really thinking about what are...the next stages that we’ll go into with Notion because we plan to partner with them in the coming years.”

To watch or read the full interview scroll down the page and watch the videos or read the transcript (available to download as a PDF at the bottom of this page).

"What were the key drivers for embarking on a coaching programme?"

"What outcomes did you want for the wider team?"

"How did you identify who to send on the STAR® programme?"

"What operational benefits have you experienced?"

"What are the key takeaways from the programme?"

"What are the commercial benefits?"

"What changes have you seen since the programme?"

"How did you feel at the start of the programme compared to the end?"

"What have been the overall benefits of the STAR® programme?"

"What advice would you give to someone about to embark on the STAR® programme?"

"How has coaching transformed your management style?"

"What are your plans for the future?"

"What's it like working with Notion?"

Click here to download a transcript of the full interview...

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