CPD & Supervision Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it please see below our CPD & Supervision Testimonials. Please browse the selection below to get a flavour of the real benefits you would get from working with our coaches.

“Thought provoking and a great learning experience. I could really see the benefits of the STAR® model in action, Cathy really knows her material and is very interesting to listen to and learn from.”  

Anne Skinner, HR Office Manager, UCL

“Notion have provided me with a fresh way of thinking about my coaching practices and style. The emphasis on providing sufficient time for reflecting on the quality and outcomes of coaching sessions has been a particularly valuable insight and I have found the quality and experience of the supervision to be exemplary.” 

Phillip Hagon QPM, Head of Corporate Security, Sainsbury's

"I’ve valued the opportunity to talk to my supervisor because every dialogue has left me with a strong sense of direction. She's a great listener and picks out the essentials, explores them, and identify creative solutions to problems. I’ve never felt you told me what to do but you enabled me to see challenges in a new light.

Leading a team which has an impact across a large organisation is complex. Using coaching-inspired approaches has been an enormous advantage and definitely contributed greatly to the successful outcomes of our work. Your facilitation and refinement of these approaches has been a significant factor in developing my ability to work effectively in my leadership role."

Rosalind Duhs, Internal Coach, UCL

“I really enjoyed the programme especially the supervision session and thought it was the best I had been to. I believe Notion have raised the bar on our thinking and approach to coaching supervision in Sainsbury’s. As one of the original master coaches from the first 2007 cohort I feel refreshed and inspired by this learning experience.”

Dawn Fairweather, Head of HR - Logistics, Sainsbury's

"My Coaching Supervisor for the last couple of years at UCL was an invaluable source of inspiration, challenge and support. I would sometimes not be sure what I wanted to discuss, but within minutes my supervisor found a critical topic through her skillful and insightful questioning. I will miss my 1-1 sessions now that we are adopting a new supervision model at UCL. My practice as a coach has definitely improved with her input and I would wholeheartedly recommend her."

Annie Watts Organisational Development Consultant at University College London

"My supervisor has a light touch that has enabled me to challenge myself and to feel secure to go into profound aspects of coaching. It has has been constructive and enjoyable. She models good coaching in her supervisory style, reminding me to keep the onus of thought on the coachee. At times it is also pleasing when she goes off piste and gives advice and suggestions when needed. Works well." 

Pippa Bark-Williams, Principal Research Fellow,  University College London

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