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Don't just take our word for it please see below Executive Coaching Client Testimonials from some of our highly experienced senior coaches. Please browse the selection below to get a flavour of the real benefits you would get from working with our coaches.

"The coaching has been really rewarding. I have learned how to communicate clearly with my team and to reflect on my leadership skills. My coach was a phenomenal listener and gave me fantastic tips to improve my performance. This was done whilst creating a safe yet challenging environment. My coach had that natural ability to make you recognize your own potential and help to guide you towards it. Therefore due to their help and advice I have grown more confident in my role being able to look at different approaches then focusing ontaking action."

Maxine Bissell, Pit Boss, Les Ambassadeurs Club

"The coaching has been outstanding and as a direct result just one of the benefits is over £3m in additional cost savings! I would give the experience a 10 out of 10!"

Andy Melling, Head of Fleet Maintenance, Royal Mail

"I have worked with my coach for almost a year, during this time I’ve learned how to communicate clearly with my team whilst being realistic about the work I could take on, and the most importantly learned how to say no. As a coach, they has helped me to reflect on my leadership style, identifying areas for improvement. They created a safe, yet challenging coaching environment whilst always taking the time to stay current and focused on the specifics of my role and how I could improve. My coach was insightful and able to analyse the key issues by listening to what was being said; as well as unsaid, and asking penetrating questions. As a result, I have been able to pinpoint areas for change, think through different approaches, and then focus on taking action.  They always made the effort to accommodate my ever-changing schedule and I truly valued their insight and personal attention."

Dylan Murray, Operations Director, Drake & Morgan

“Working with Sue has enabled me to shape and implement a set of personal objectives that have materially improved my performance as a leader. She has empowered me to clearly identify the areas on which to focus in order to bring the greatest benefit to my career development.”

Head of Customer Service Zone Transformation

"I have found the experience of being coached extremely positive, not only in them helping me to identify, frame and clarify key personal development objectives but also offering practical tools, techniques and suggestions to achieve them.

Specifically, working with my coach has materially improved my ability to empower, develop and challenge my team, my time management and my ‘personal brand’ – in short, to become a better leader. The results have been evident both to myself, my team and colleagues. In particular, my relationship with my manager has dramatically improved which has enabled us to work much more effectively together to the benefit of the business.

My coach's flexible and objective approach, with the right balance of support and challenge, enabled me to see a clearer path both in solving leadership issues and achieving my personal development goals. I believe that the techniques and approaches practiced and developed with my coach (and the confidence gained) will enable me to continue to improve, even at the end of our coaching programme."

by Alan Kirk, Operations Director, Flogas UK Ltd

"My coach quickly helped me realise what I really wanted to achieve, both in my business and personal life, and to believe that it was possible…. my coach was always there to give me a guiding hand and help me realise that, by following my action plans, I’m still on the right path to fulfilling my dreams. My coach made me work hard but is considerate and flexible too. They were always prepared to discuss issues or concerns as they arise and to change what has been planned at the drop of a hat." 

Solicitor, Birmingham

“It has been great to have someone external to my organisation to coach me, both by offering a safe environment in which to test ideas and also by being away from day-to-day distractions. My coach has been instrumental in helping me to "hold up a mirror" to myself in order to see myself as others do. The sessions have been both challenging and very rewarding; the benefits of our work together have been rapidly visible.”

Matthew Arends, Principal & Actuary, Aon Hewitt

"My coach was very flexible and helpful in every way. The insights, tips and tools I got were “spot on” every single time, and I am greatly thankful for that.  Enlightening, provoking, inspiring and reflective, my coach had a great sense of humour and some of the phrases they used to help my understanding will stay with me forever." 

Shirel Saranga, Resources Director, Halcrow

"My coach has been my mentor for the past year and I couldn’t speak highly enough of how they have helped me over this time. Their style was professional, relaxed, informal and challenging to ensure as a mentee, you take the right steps in maximising your personal development and business opportunities. Additionally, challenges simply become opportunities to try some different approaches in ensuring you get the right results.

My coach had that rare gift of asking the most insightful questions to encourage you to dig deep in exploring previous experiences and personal values to create your own solutions. While they were generous in offering reading materials and various coaching models, the real benefit of working with my coach was that she fired you up to be incredibly committed to the actions agreed at our meetings. I am convinced there will be long lasting benefits too as they equipped me with the skills to be more self aware and courageous in any situation.”

by John Clements, Sales & Marketing Director, Flogas UK

"My coach provided a rare combination of executive business coaching with in-depth psychological knowledge. Depending on the topic at hand, they offered practical, to-the-point suggestions, while at the same time triggering broader introspection for the coachee.  After an initial executive coaching programme, I quickly came back for more. Touching base on a regular basis with my coach was an excellent way to critically examine oneself and come back to the company with a fresh perspective." 

Commercial Director, Air France/KLM 

“As a result of working with my Notion Executive Coach I have developed a better understanding of my impact in the organisation. I now have a wider perspective about what’s affecting the organisation and what might affect the motivations of people in other areas of the business - not just inside the finance world. This has helped me to engage with my peers more effectively and build more effective relationships. It was great to bounce ideas off my Executive Coach - taking the time to consider issues from new angles has helped me to change the way I respond in different situations. I can’t fault my Notion executive coaching experience - it has helped me to get off the treadmill, reflect, and make positive changes.”  

Dave Lindsay, FD, West Midland Trains

“Working with my Notion Executive Coach has had a massive impact on my work and personal life - the change has been really significant. I focus on the now rather than the ‘what if?’ and as a result, I have become far less reactive and much more calm, measured and considered, without sacrificing the need for pace and urgency.  This has dramatically improved my personal productivity and my influence and relationships with people in the business. The knock on effect to my team has also been clear both in terms of engagement and personal stretch for them.   I don’t often give 10 out of 10, but I can honestly say that on this occasion I am more than happy to do so and would recommend this to anyone who wants to get clear about their goals and achieve their outcomes.”  

Jeff Uden, Head of Talent,Iceland


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