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You might say that Alex peaked early, having her ‘15 minutes of fame’ as a finalist in the Miss Pears competition at the age of five. Luckily, however, she survived this brush with the dizzy heights of fame and fortune, and, following careers in both private and public sectors, she has developed a passion for developing people, through coaching and leadership development

With over 15 years coaching experience at management and leadership levels, Alex has gained a reputation for a pragmatic and practical approach to coaching. She is sensitive to the issues facing people in organisations and cares deeply about helping her clients understand their issues, and to reach their potential for growth and development. 

Alex builds an excellent relationship with her clients, and focuses on helping them to achieve a results-centred outcome.

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Clients include:

A Selection of Alex’s Sector and Industry Experience Include:

  • Charities 
  • Housing Associations
  • Professional Services

  • Councils
  • Insurance
  • Retail

  • Government Departments
  • NHS
  • Universities

World Class Executive Coaching

Alex is a qualified, skilled and highly experienced Executive Coach. She is an excellent communicator and puts people at their ease.  Her passion is to help organisations succeed by tapping into the potential of their employees. She helps clients to tease out the real issues and get to root cause, and enables them to capitalise on their strengths and gain insights into what they need to work on to achieve success.

Circumstances in organisations are rarely simple or straightforward. Alex works sensitively alongside her clients to identify the real issues and to establish a pragmatic development solution. 

Working with Alex is a powerful experience, and the work she does with her clients is relevant to the challenges facing them and their organisation, thereby providing excellent payback. She combines energy, creativity and fun with logic, thought and analysis..

Alex has a wealth of experience working across all sectors and has worked with global organisations such as ASDA, Russell Group Universities including UCL and the University of Birmingham as well as a range of public and private sector organisations including major local authorities and the NHS.

Alex is well qualified, with a Master of Philosophy degree in Training and Development, a degree in Drama, a University Certificate in Multi-Cultural Studies, a Diploma in Training Management and qualifications in psychometric instruments including MBTI, OPQ and 16PF. She is a member of the Chartered Institute or Personnel and Development. 

Alex enjoys writing and is the co-author of ‘The Z-A of Coaching’, ‘The Coaching Workout’ and ‘The Leadership Workout’. She has also recently written a series of NHS leadership self-assessment questionnaires. 

Alex divides her time between rural France and urban UK, and speaks good French. In France, she is a founding member of a multi-national cabaret group of 5 women who perform (just for fun!) in English and in French. She loves dancing the Argentine Tango

Case Studies

Alex worked with major organisation that was going through an intense period of restructure and shrinkage. Effects of the change were widespread, and leaders/managers were required to ‘up their game’ at a time of loss; to integrate services and be more collaborative and to maximise their own performance and that of their teams. Alex provided a sustained coaching and leadership development programme for one of the Directors and her top, senior and middle leaders / managers. This successful, iterative programme focused on; self-awareness as a leader (including MBTI), leadership coaching skills, leading others in times of difficult change, establishing a culture of success and resilience in the complex ‘new world’ and future proofing. At the end of the programme the organisation were delighted that the group were responding and they successfully navigated their way through the challenges.

Alex worked with the Practice Manager of a medium sized law firm while her role in the business was developing and she prepared to take on greater strategic responsibilities, including joining the board. The issues were complex and sensitive, and over a period of months, Alex supported her client as she explored the role and settled in to a new way of working. Her client appreciated the time which she spent with Alex, where she was able to surface difficult areas and untangle issues which were presenting challenges. The coaching connection has now evolved in to a ‘maintenance’ relationship, and Alex has a session with her client every few months, and/or when the client feels she needs some ‘time out’ with her coach to deal with sensitive and confidential issues which she cannot discuss with anyone within the business.

What Alex’s Clients say about her:

Alex continuously receives glowing testimonials from her clients. Below are some examples of specific quotes that her clients have said about her.

Please note, we are always happy to supply specific references should you require them.

Thank you for all your support and guidance on my team’s development. I can genuinely see results starting to emerge… and on a personal note thank you also for coaching me through this process. I am really pleased with the outcomes of the programme– better than I could have hoped for! I have to say that I am so proud of how my new management team are responding – they are certainly developing right in front of my eyes!”

Director, Manufacturing

I get quite animated during our sessions – so they must mean a lot!! They start me thinking more broadly about other things, and alternative ways of doing things, which I experiment with after the sessions. They have ‘brought me out’, and helped me to recognise and develop my style and attributes so that I can get my point across effectively”

Senior Politician

Thank you again for your coaching and support during the past few months. I feel that the coaching programme has given me the opportunity to not only learn and improve my leadership techniques, but has enabled me to (very much like blotting paper!) 'absorb' the art of reflection which enables me to make decisions & move forward more effectively

HR Manager

Alex is an experienced and knowledgeable leadership coach, with the ability to easily build relationships with people regardless of which stage in their career they are at.  The manner in which she conducts business reflects professionalism and credibility, resulting in positive results.  Alex employs active listening in every interaction, whether this is via phone or in person, and this results in innovative and often dynamic discussions and solutions which are totally unexpected but absolutely relevant. I would highly recommend Alex: she has always displayed great sensitivity when dealing with difficult and highly personal issues under discussion and has continually shown respect for diverse cultural values and customs.  This of course is greatly facilitated by Alex’s interpersonal & communication skill set which very obviously displays her high level of experience.”

Deputy Director, NHS Trust

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More about Alex's Products & Books..

Alex is a published author with her book 'The Z to A of Coaching' and also produced two questionnaire and development guides for Managers and Leaders.

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The Z to A of Coaching
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The Coaching Workout

The Leadership Workout

What Alex Says...

“Being able to say that I have been in the learning and development world for over 25 years AND that I still love what I do makes me very proud. My real buzz comes from helping people, and through them, organisations, do the best they possibly can. So don't delay, contact me now and let's discover if I can help you achieve your goals"

Alex’s areas of Expertise: 

    • Coaching Senior Executives
    • Working with female leaders to achieve board room success 
    • Preparation for Promotion to Partner/Board Level
    • Developing the next generation of senior management
    • Managing Change