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Bob provides Executive Coaching of the highest quality. He specialises in helping business leaders and senior leadership teams to achieve outcomes they want and need. Becoming a full time Executive Coach in 2005 followed a 29-year successful career for Bob in financial services within large international banks.

Prior to 2005, Bob enjoyed extensive experience as a Corporate Banker in the UK and North America, providing commercial finance for major infrastructure projects, property development, shipping and aerospace finance and other commercial ventures. Bob then moved into customer service and sales, ultimately spending over 12 years as a Sales Director in Regional and National roles

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Clients include:

A Selection of Bob’s Sector and Industry Experience Include:

  • Automotive 
  • Banking 
  • Charities 
  • Construction 
  • Consultancy
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Legal & Solicitors
  • Distribution 
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Hotel Management 
  • Insurance 
  • IT & Communications

  • Logistics
  • Management Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Equipment
  • Oil & Gas
  • Retail

World Class Executive Coaching

As an Executive Coach Bob works with corporate clients and enjoys long-term relationships with many of them. His longest standing client relationship is now into it’s 7th consecutive year of working monthly with the Managing Director and Senior Leadership Team of a rapidly growing financial services business. In this period income has increased from £30m - £500m pa and it is pleasing that many of the original team remain around the table, having developed and grown with the business.

With his extensive commercial banking background, the question of what makes a business ‘tick’ has always fascinated Bob and he welcomes opportunities to work with a broad, diverse range of organisations and cultures. Sectors so far include; Alternative Energies, Automotive, Charities, Financial Services, Hotel & Estate Management, Medical Equipment, Property Management, IT & Comms Manufacture and Distribution, Logistics, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Police, Retail and many more.

Bob can design and implement large, bespoke, cultural transformation programmes. He is proud to have been awarded a ‘Superintendent’s Commendation’ for a programme completed for Northants Police involving all Officers and staff. It is rare that such an award is made to someone outside of the Police. 

Bob’s Management Development background gives him an interest in designing and running talent development programmes. Examples include Partnership Readiness for an international management consultancy firm and a Leadership Readiness Programme for a large parcels distribution company, now into a second cohort. Bob designed this programme to integrate with a Post Graduate Certificate in Executive Leadership from Leeds Metropolitan University. 

Bob has a Masters Degree in Coaching & NLP from the Faculty of Business and Law at Kingston University, is a qualified Executive Coach, a Certified Trainer of NLP and NLP Master Coach. He is also a member of the International Coaching Federation. Bob is qualified to carry out occupational tests with a range of psychometric tools. He also has professional qualifications and certifications dating back to his financial services days; CII, Institute of Marketing and Sales Director Programme at Ashridge Park.

Bob is based and works mostly in the UK as well as working with clients in Europe, the Middle East, North America and Asia Pac. He lives in Northamptonshire with his wife and they have two daughters, a son and two dogs. Relaxation is found with family and the dogs and sport – mainly as a spectator these days. Bob remains a keen motorcyclist and uses his bike (in the summer!) to travel to coaching assignments across the UK.

Case Study

Bob worked with the Board of Directors of a Residential Property investment management business, as a team and individually with two of the Directors. The specific focus of the team coaching was helping them develop vision, a strategic plan and values. As a result the organisation has remained on track with its strategy during the past 3 years and Bob has recently been invited to help the Board refresh the vision and strategy.  The Executive Coaching was around effectiveness in the role (the coachee felt this was fundamental due to an unsatisfactory relationship with the MD). The coachee identified measurable improvements based on the quality of 1:1 reviews plus feedback from the MD. Relationships were explored as well as rapport, perspectives and flexibility. The relationship improved and the client’s role was expanded by the MD less than 12 month’s later, to include business development activities.

Bob works with the CEO of a UK parcels distributor to develop and review vision, values and strategy. Bob has also been Executive Coach to 3 board members. Part of a Europe wide distribution business, the UK operation is, in it’s own right, one of the largest parcels delivery organisations in the UK.

Bob designed and piloted successfully a leadership development programme to the EMEA C-Suite of a global technology organisation and Sales Team Training their Channel Partners (distributors of their product range). Take up of the training by Channel Partners in the Middle East and Europe was rapid and led to the establishment of an Academy in 2011. Bob remains central to the academy as consultant and trainer, continuing to design new programmes including interactive, web based training and videos. In 2012 the academy was extended to Channel Partners globally and Bob has personally delivered Senior Leadership programmes and Sales Team training to the leading Channel Partners in Europe, the Middle East and the USA.

What Bob’s Clients say about him:

Bob continuously receives glowing testimonials from his clients. Below are some examples of specific quotes from his clients.

Please note, we are always happy to supply specific references should you require them.

Bob has helped us develop our vision and organisation values. The values now form part of our performance and appraisal process. His approach in raising awareness of personal and organisation values has been extremely useful for us at Board level and with our Senior Managers. Bob brings a strong commercial emphasis to turn ‘softer’ values descriptions into appropriate, measurable performance tools."

CEO, Distribution Business

Bob brings focus and discipline to what is of paramount importance to the business. In our case the programme undoubtedly helped us recognise, rank and achieve high priority goals in what transpired to be a period of great evolution for the company - it would otherwise have been easy for us to take our eye off the ball. The programme facilitated by Bob undoubtedly and unequivocally paid for itself many times over across the whole of our business."

Managing Director, @home Nationwide

Bob leads sessions for us around the world – at Main Board level, with Country Managers and experienced sales teams. His work continues to be a success for us. He challenges positively to make sure we’re heading in the direction we want."

Chief Commercial Officer & SVP, International Travel Business

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What Bob Says...

"I believe that everyone has all the skills and resources they need to succeed in what they want to do. As a coach I am lucky to have the chance to help individuals and teams work out what this means for them."

Bob’s areas of Expertise: 

    • Executive 1-to-1 Coaching
    • Board / C-Suite Team Coaching
    • Leadership Development Programmes
    • Business Growth
    • Talent Development Programmes – Staff identified as high potential
    • Sales & Sales Leadership