Executive Coach - Christophe

Of Franco-German origins, Christophe began his career in 1990 on the trading floor of the Bank Indosuez and then moved to Istanbul to work in the treasury department of the Ottoman Bank (Paribas). On his return to France in 1993, he became responsible for developing the sales activities for structured products in the trading room of Bayerische Vereinsbank (BV) in Paris.

Christophe has extensive experience of the reality of change in organisations, having been a member of the management team HVB / Unicredit in Paris, as well as both a participant in, and survivor of several mergers during his career.

Having managed sales teams, Christophe is familiar with competitive environments, working under extreme pressure, and reconciling individual and general interests. His career in investment banking has also provided him with international and multicultural experience.

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Passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience, Christophe coaches at the University of Cergy Pontoise, as well as several other management schools. He also trains coaches at Mozaik International Coaching School.

Christophe is a certified coach who works with business owners, leaders and executive committees. He is also experienced in leadership development, transition coaching and systemic coaching.

He is President of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) in France and lives with his family in Paris.

A Selection of Christophe's Sector and Industry Experience Include:

  • Banks 
  • Luxury Goods
  • Broadcasting / Media

  • Oil
  • Cosmetic
  • Hospitality

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Agriculture
  • Food

Case Studies

Christophe worked with the newly appointed Head of SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) of an Asset Management Company who was tasked to deliver SRI in the heart of the strategy. The company had already failed twice over the past 8 years to deliver this so the goal “Put SRI in the heart of the management company” was a real challenge. Without hierarchical authority the client had to develop her leadership skills and create strong connections with her peers as she integrated into the Executive Committee of the company. A quadruple challenge for her: change her managerial practices, adapt to working with the executive committee as a women among men and develop a sensitive project with a strong challenge for the future of the company and successfully overcome the opposition and sabotage. As a result of the coaching, the company is now a leading asset manager in the French SRI market and the company receives excellency awards for the SRI business every year.

Christophe worked with the Head of Marketing in a cosmetics firm who had recently joined the company after she had been head hunted from L’Oreal. After a few months within the company she started to experience difficulties and obstruction from one of the branches, as the head of the branch refused systematically what the client wished to implement in order to modernise the company and boost creativity to maintain market share. The goal of the Coaching was to keep her from resigning and help her confirm her engagement and boost her motivation, as the CEO was worried that she might leave. As a result of the Coaching she stopped trying to impose a change which did not make sense and instead of resigning she decided to switch to commercial development where she had no experience but felt she could make a difference thanks to her previous experience at l’Oreal. Turnover increased by 30% and she is now targeting a position of country head in Asia, she is confident engaged and motivated.

Christophe worked with a German client who had just been appointed CEO of a French subsidiary. On appointment he found himself rapidly in great difficulties; succession was a challenge as the entire executive committee had lost confidence in the future and mistrusted people sent from headquarters abroad. The new CEO also had difficulties to adapt to the French working practices. After 6 months of 1-to-1 coaching with Christophe the client requested Christophe deliver a team building event with all its executive committee, after which Christophe was asked to assist them in developing a systemic action within the French subsidiary in order to help them turn the French business around. The target was to improve the results, re-motivate and create a better work environment. The plan was split into 3 stages; 6 months with the Executive committee, 5 months with the team heads then 3 months with key teams. The result was that the CEO stayed in France, the company moved back into profit and the employee turnover was divided by 3.

What Christophe's Clients say about him:

Christophe continuously receives glowing testimonials from his clients. Below are some examples of specific quotes that his clients have said about him.

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Christophe accompanied me through my new cross-management mission ISR project, on topics as founding the collective intelligence, management of transversal project and change management in a quality of trust and sincerity.”

Elisabeth Cassagnes

Working with Christophe has been very beneficial to help me define a career plan, and focus on that goal. It also helped me to better manage relationships, step back and manage a new situation. I would recommend to anyone who is looking to progress their effectiveness in managing new situations to consult Christophe

Jean-Francois Flobert, Manager, i-Fihn

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Christophe's areas of Expertise: 

    • Coaching Senior Executives
    • Board Facilitation re Business Strategy and Growth
    • Adaptation to Cultural Differences
    • Post Merger Adaptation
    • Senior Team Development
    • Team Coaching
    • Culture Change