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As an Executive Coach, Trainer and Consultant, David has supported C-Suite Executives, Directors and Senior Managers in a diverse range of sectors. Pragmatic and results-focused, David works with his clients on an individual and team level to help unleash peak performance.

David has worked extensively in global PR and B2B Marketing, improving the communication and reputation of multinational businesses and training other PR professionals around the world to improve their skills. As a sought after presenter and trainer David continues to contribute to the professionalism of the PR industry.

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David also works with senior leaders across a wide range of different sectors, including marketing, retail, professional services, academia, and even Hollywood, using this experience and insight to inform his work as an Executive Coach.

With over 12 years' experience as an Executive Coach, David frequently coaches individuals, duos and teams and helps organisations to achieve cultural transformation and high levels of employee engagement.

One of David’s key focuses is on making people more aware of their impact on others by helping leaders to create a climate of enthusiasm and success where people want to give more discretionary effort – leading to increased productivity, competitive edge and profit.

David likes nothing more than helping people have a big breakthrough around things like inspirational leadership, developing gravitas, being more influential or stepping up into a more senior and higher-pressure role. 

As the winner of Life Coach of the Year 2016, David’s approach is strongly influenced by positive psychology, CBT and NLP and offers a unique blend of challenge, support and insight delivered in a fun, ‘real world’ fashion. 

David’s natural and intuitive style puts people at ease, generating trust, respect and confidence. With high levels of empathy and honesty, David helps his clients to experience moments of clarity, master their thought processes and develop the focus they need to start making changes straight away.

Skilfully blending commercial acumen with powerful psychological tools, David knows how to help his clients identify and quickly overcome the frustrations and obstacles that are slowing down progress. He then creates breakthrough moments that enable his clients to embed new habits that deliver sustainable high performance.

Clients include:

A Selection of David’s Sector and Industry Experience Include:

  • Academia

  • Charities/Not for profit

  • Law/Professional services/Consulting

  • Logistics/Transport/Distribution

  • PR/Marketing/Media/Communications

  • Retail

Delivering Commercial Results

David coached several Senior Managers in a contact centre to execute a cultural change programme that empowered 250 employees to ditch traditional ‘robotic’ call scripts and give customers a more engaging and personal experience. This meant transforming a culture of ‘learned helplessness’, giving advisors the mindset management tools to express themselves more confidently and to take ownership for resolving customer queries. During the 9-month coaching and training programme, managers developed new ways to lead, inspire and reward their people, hold employees accountable and identify a pipeline of future leaders. Cost per interaction fell 50%, productivity rose by 29% and service quality went up by 6.5%

Developing Influence and Impact

David helped a consultant within a global healthcare company to transition to an in-house role on the board by coaching him to boost self-confidence, ditch unhelpful labels and operate with a success mindset. This was crucial in enabling the client to overcome his anxiety about building strong C-suite relationships. The coaching sessions dramatically improved the Director’s sphere of influence and impact on the wider organisation. Subsequently, the Director has secured further promotion into a global role.

Developing Executive Presence

David helped an Operations Manager to transform her ‘command and control’ leadership style, encouraging her to manage from goodwill and stature rather than status. The sessions identified that the Manager’s strengths lay in strategy development and troubleshooting rather than Operations, resulting in a new and more influential role leading a team responsible for strategic planning, where she now interacts confidently with a wide range of demanding stakeholders.   

Transitioning to a Senior Role

David coached a highly talented Head of Sales, operating within his comfort zone, to define stretch goals and aim for an SMT position. His main challenge was to develop more empathy for people who had less natural talent than him and whose values were different to his own. His increased emotional intelligence became a springboard for the Manager to create a stronger ‘climate of enthusiasm and success’ in his team, unlocking discretionary effort to hit more ambitious targets. The Manager was subsequently promoted to an associate director role with a wider brief and is now one step away from a Board position with a £1.3bn market leader.

What David’s Clients Say About Him:

David continuously receives glowing testimonials from his clients. Below are some examples of specific quotes that his clients have said about him.

Please note, we are always happy to supply specific references should you require them.

“David removes people’s excuses for underperformance, makes them more accountable and inspires leaders to stretch themselves and their people beyond their self-imposed limits.”  Director of Customer Experience, Logistics

“David’s coaching has had a very valuable impact and I can see the positive impact he has made to all three of my direct reports in terms of how they think, feel and act. The key to David’s success is that he knows how to both stretch and support people, guiding them firmly yet with compassion to make lasting behavioural changes that benefit the business.” Board Director, International Operation

“Over the past 12 months we have been encouraged to be open and honest about how we feel, by doing so it has given me the opportunity to recognise my FEAR, “False Expectations Appearing Real”. This has totally changed my mindset which is thanks to the coaching of David Hare, who I have to say is amazing.” Senior Manager, Logistics

"David has helped boost my confidence, engage with senior managers and allow me to compare myself only to my full potential, rather than other people. I am now able to operate in the “expecting to succeed” mindset which has helped me land a senior global director role. Thanks to David I have ditched unhelpful labels from personality profiles and overall he has made a massively positive impact on my professional and personal life.” Senior Manager, Global Health Care

“Then we met David Hare...wow. I cannot tell you what a big impact our first session had on me. Quickly, I saw that out of the six blockages, (self) belief was seriously holding me back, being aware that “you cannot outperform your self-esteem” was very powerful. I was ready and had the desire to change.” Senior Manager, Logistics

“I cannot recommend him highly enough. Absolute integrity is his watchword coupled with his desire to provide the highest quality of service possible.”  Partner, Management Consultancy

“David has been an invaluable influence in my life, both in my personal life and in my career. David helped me to master my thought process and develop a clear focus in my life. I experienced epiphanies and improvements from first contact.” Creative Director, Design Consultants

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David's Book...

David is an author and has written a book 'The Buddha In Me, The Buddha In You' published by Penguin Random House.


'The Buddha In Me, The Buddha In You'

To learn more about 'The Buddha In Me, The Buddha In You

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What David Says...

“The fastest and most sustainable way to change behaviour is to transform your mindset first – anything less is just ‘painting over rust’. My job is to stretch and support you, giving you time to think, be intuitive, make connections and let a little bit of magic happen.”

David’s areas of Expertise: 

    • Leadership development 
    • Preparation for board level
    • Communication, relationships and impact
    • Employee engagement
    • High performing teams
    • Conflict management
    • Strategic thinking
    • Motivation
    • Time leverage and delegation
    • Stress and overwhelm