Executive Coach - Helen

Helen is a transformational Executive coach, facilitator and trainer holding accreditation at the highest level which reflects her experience and her results. She works comfortably and effectively with Board members and Senior Executive.  

Helen builds rapport quickly and with ease which allows her clients to trust her and the coaching process and gain maximum benefit from her facilitation.

Helen loves to work with anyone who is interested in understanding and developing their impact as a leader.

She coaches individuals and teams to release their potential as leaders and develop high quality working relationships that deliver tangible results.

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Clients include:

A Selection of Helen's Sector and Industry Experience Include:

  • Retail 
  • Oil
  • Power
  • Housing

  • Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Local Government
  • Food

  • Education
  • Architecture
  • Legal

World Class Executive Coaching

Helens background is in Organisational Change and Team Leadership. She worked for IBM for 10 years followed by an innovative software company for 5 years in a variety of change and line management roles. During this time she gained a firm grounding, and what has become a life-long fascination in, leadership and management models and their application.

Helen now delivers 1-to-1 Executive Coaching to Senior Executives around their leadership skills and their capability to engage effectively with their stakeholders. She applies a pragmatic, integrated approach to development built from a wide variety of models and experience of what works for her clients. She then tailors this to the specific needs of each client, recognising the system they are working in and what will have the greatest leverage on their impact.  She is also highly experienced 

Helen also works with Boards and C-Suite teams to create sustained high performance from the team’s collaboration and systemic focus towards their business outcomes.

Since 2002 Helen has coached over 200 individuals and 30 teams across more than 45 organisations within the retail, health, banking, oil, local government, legal, automotive, housing and nuclear sectors. Some key clients have been three large acute teaching hospitals across the Midlands, Waitrose, Costa, Public Health England, Shell, Eversheds, Standard Bank, NHS England and Kent County Council.

Helen is insightful, energising, open, challenging and focused on her client’s outcomes. Her results are borne out by her developing her coaching, facilitation and training business purely through word of mouth referrals and recommendations.  She creates a working environment of trust, honesty, challenge and care, bringing humour and humility to all her interactions. This atmosphere enables significant, sustainable shifts to occur in participants towards their desired development and related outcomes.

Helen has a real understanding of business and the leadership that enables it to thrive. She is passionate about effective leadership for the 21st century and her interventions are made with this in mind. She takes a systemic approach and encourages this in her clients. She incorporates recent neuro-scientific knowledge and applies it to enable clients to recognise, gain understanding of and use their whole potential as leaders in the systems they choose to work in.

Helen has a passion for self-development in her life and work. She is a Certified Master Coach with the Association for Coaching, an NLP Master Practitioner and seeks continuing professional development from a wide variety of sources, to inform herself and her work. Helen is a Trustee/Director for MIND in Bedford, Luton and Milton Keynes and challenges her own boundaries through learning new creative and sporting skills – mostly recently song writing, singing in a band and a choir and re-visiting horse-riding after many years!

Case Studies

Helen worked with the Global Board and partners of this Architecture practice in developing their strategic focus as an organisation and how to align to this. She coached the Board together to a new vision for the organisation and coached individual Board members and senior partners on their contribution to this. The Chair of the organisation reflected that the programme had enabled them to stay afloat and work towards a more commercially sustainable future.

Helen coached two aspiring executives of Africa's largest bank as part of a coaching offering for career development at this level. She worked with them both over 7 months. She conducted 360 qualitative feedback interviews with their chosen colleagues – providing themed feedback to the clients for use in understanding how they are received. Both clients were experts in their field and struggling to flex their communication and influencing skills to enable them to operate at a more senior and strategic level. Through the sessions they both created new strategies for thinking and acting that helped them to bridge the gap to the next level.

Helen was employed by a multinational Oil and Gas Company with two other coaches as a team to design and facilitate a series of engagement events covering the workforce of in excess of 3,000 over 6 months. As a part of this she worked with the Directors of the Division in planning and delivering their presentations as a part of the events. She provided feedback, challenge and some 1:1 work to help them adapt their presentation and facilitation styles to get real engagement with staff. The programme was highly successful – staff felt encouraged, included and listened to, increasing employee engagement and creating a wealth of new ideas as to how to improve their operations.

What Helen's Clients say about her:

Helen continuously receives glowing testimonials from her clients. Below are some examples of specific quotes that her clients have said about her.

Please note, we are always happy to supply specific references should you require them.

Helen holds her clients in the utmost regard and really values their potential to meet their intended outcomes. This is complimented by her breadth of interpersonal and organisational awareness…which leads to grounded interventions that really make a difference”

Beccy Fenton, Partner, KPMG

It has surprised me as to how effective the coaching has been. I expected to be more resistant to change than has proved to be the case. I have learned more about myself than I expected and while I am aware I have some way to go before I fully achieve my outcomes, I had thought they were genuinely very difficult to achieve; now I know they are achievable by doing things that build on my strengths and are not difficult to practice or do. It has definitely been enjoyable, informative and challenging. Helen has been very comfortable to work with. She creates instant trust, confidence and rapport and, critically, is not judgmental about what she hears.”

Ian Gross, Head of Internal Audit, HEFCE

Helen connects quickly with people, from the Chief Exec to the PA, enabling them to feel safe and therefore go further. This means that everyone takes something from her interventions and that changes the organisation overnight. It’s energising and gives us a higher rate of return on her work than we’ve experienced with other suppliers.”

Kevin Orford, Chief Executive, NHS SHA

Helen is a great coach and her ability to ask fantastic questions always leads you to self awareness and discovery of ways to improve and develop. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to improve personally or in business”

Alistair Upcraft, Regional Manager, Waitrose

Key words to describe Helen’s coaching of me: Open, honest, frank, balanced, constructive, safe environment, thought provoking, relevant, quality time, reflection, focused, learning, understanding oneself and others, tangible actions.

John Burr, Director, Kent County Council

“Working with my Notion Executive Coach has had a massive impact on my work and personal life - the change has been really significant. I focus on the now rather than the ‘what if?’ and as a result, I have become far less reactive and much more calm, measured and considered, without sacrificing the need for pace and urgency. This has dramatically improved my personal productivity and my influence and relationships with people in the business. The knock on effect to my team has also been clear both in terms of engagement and personal stretch for them. I don’t often give 10 out of 10, but I can honestly say that on this occasion I am more than happy to do so and would recommend this to anyone who wants to get clear about their goals and achieve their outcomes.”

Jeff Uden, Head of Talent, Iceland

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What Helen Says...

“The core aim for our coaching together will be to make it possible for you to maximise your positive impact and influence on yourself and those you work with. This naturally leads to the best results for you and your organisation. When do we start?"

Helen's areas of Expertise: 

  • 1-to-1 Senior Executive Coaching
  • Board and Team coaching
  • Leadership coaching and training
  • Personal impact
  • Resilience
  • Working relationships
  • Systemic approaches
  • Influence and engagement of stakeholders
  • Brain-based approaches or Applied Neuroscience
  • Conversational leadership