Executive Coach - Jenifer

Jenifer is a highly experienced Executive Coach who specialises in helping leaders achieve behavioural change and adopt alternative ways of thinking. Jenifer has a proven track record of strategy development, delivering innovative and pragmatic solutions that have real impact and deliver value. 

As a people oriented champion of change, Jenifer has worked with senior executives, Directors and CEO’s of major organisations to effect real change in individuals and organisations.

As an Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor, Jenifer uses her own executive experience to relate swiftly to the business challenges faced by senior executives, helping them to successfully navigate a ‘way through’.

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Clients include:

A Selection of Jenifer’s Sector and Industry Experience Include:

  • Academia
  • Automotive
  • Finance
  • Banking

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality

  • Travel
  • Law & Professional Services
  • IT & Communications
  • Logistics & Transport

World Class Executive Coaching

Jenifer believes passionately that there is potential in everyone.  She focuses on helping her clients to establish clarity and focus, in order to generate a strong commitment to change.  Her key to success is building strong rapport and trust that enables her to be both supportive and wonderfully challenging.  

With these strong foundations, Jenifer can help her clients to explore and address underlying issues that will provide new insight and effect sustainable change.

By taking a pragmatic approach to goal setting and self assessment, Jenifer helps her clients to connect meaning and value to their goals which accelerates the process of change and greatly increases the chance of success.

Consequently, Jenifer has achieved impressive results by working with her clients to: 

  • Remain focused on outcomes without sacrificing rapport and engagement to achieve senior level promotions
  • Develop relaxed, confident gravitas to affect the change required to generate and sustain the credibility required to operate at a senior level
  • Build and grow crucial business relationships through increased self awareness
  • Effectively onboard in to Directorships and make an early and valuable impact in their new roles
  • Increase the contributions of their team members by adopting a more effective leadership style that is clearly evident in long term profit growth
  • Improve performance and personal wellbeing by identifying and adopting new approaches to work delivery that creates time and space for business and personal priorities

Case Studies

Jenifer supported the on boarding of a new Commercial Director of a global supplier to build confidence and credibility and to address team performance resulting in the Sales budget being beaten for the first time in eight years.

Jenifer worked for an extended period with a Managing Director and Board member of a Global transport organisation. A key area of focus in this work was supporting a significant behavioural change from high pressure, forceful and direct behaviour which was shutting down the contribution from his team, to achieve an effective leadership style which pulled his executive team together and got the best performance from them. Through his team, this senior leader achieved double digit profit growth for three consecutive years.

Jenifer worked with a senior manager within a leading UK-based engineering consultancy business to support him to address significant challenges around his style and behaviours which were holding him back from achieving promotion. He made a rapid and distinct change from flippant, sarcastic and un-cooperative behaviour to mature, adult responses which led to key business relationships being quickly repaired and strengthened. He received great feedback from colleagues and his line manager in terms of the additional value he was now adding to the business and was promoted in the 5th month of a 6-month coaching engagement.

Jenifer worked with the VP of a global financial firm to achieve a promotion to Executive Director level by helping him increase his effectiveness in stakeholder management and team leadership.

What Jenifer’s Clients say about her:

Jenifer continuously receives great testimonials from her clients. Below are some examples of specific quotes that her clients have said about her.

Please note, we are always happy to supply specific references should you require them.

Jenifer is a highly skilled coach. She has helped me to understand what drives my own behaviour and the impact it has on others. I have made changes to my style as a result which has helped me to improve my personal effectiveness and drive increased performance and accountability for results throughout my team."

- Managing Director, National Express - UK Coach Division

Jenifer is a dynamic coach who has a down to earth attitude to finding and fostering the better parts of people and organisations. Her high standards, technical excellence, courage and sense of humour help build confidence and capability, and make the experience of working with her both highly rewarding and wonderfully challenging.

- Founder, JMS Resources

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“Deepening self awareness and the breakthrough of new insight accelerates the change process to effect positive and lasting change.”

Jenifer’s areas of Expertise: 

    • Behaviour change
    • Communication and impact
    • Change management
    • Conflict and resilience
    • Engagement
    • Leadership and talent development
    • Motivation
    • Preparation for next level/on-boarding 
    • Strategic thinking
    • Wellbeing/Overwhelm
    • Time Leverage