Executive Coach - Lorella

Lorella is one of the most highly experienced coaches in Italy, having been coaching Senior Leaders and their Teams since she qualified as a Master Coach in 2001.

She has significant experience working with complex national and international organisations, and brings an innovative strategic vision and a systemic approach to her clients.

Clients include:

A Selection of Lorella’s Sector and Industry Experience Include:

  • Automotive
  • Charities
  • Construction 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Motoring Organisations

  • Professional Services 
  • Senior Civil Servants
  • Banking Groups 
  • City Councils 
  • Financial Institutions 

  • Many PCT’s
  • NHS
  • Retail
  • Utility Companies 

World Class Executive Coaching

Lorella designs each programme to meet the specific client briefs and can combine her Executive Coaching with 360° feedback and targeted workshops to develop the necessary skills for her client.  Her focus is to support clients to enhance the capabilities, leadership skills and awareness, as well as their ability to handle challenges and changes and obtaining superior performance and sustain this over time. She has great passion for her work and is focused on establishing a collaborative partnership with clients for the achievement of both organisational and personal goals.

As a Executive Coach Lorella works primarily in the areas of Coaching, Leadership Development and Team Management. All of her projects are based on a coaching approach, so that the proposed solution is fully customised to meet the organisation’s specific needs.

Evidenced by her status as an International Coach Federation Master Coach (MCC), Lorella is one of the top 5 most experienced coaches in Italy and in the year 2000 founded both the International Coaching Federation and the first formally accredited Coach Training School in Italy where she has personally trained over 150 coaches contributing greatly to the spread of coaching in Italy.

Lorella began her career in corporate Human Resources, where she covered a number of responsibilities including Selection/Recruiting, Performance Management, Potential Evaluation and Training and Development. In 2001 she founded her own coaching and consultancy business, working with Italian and multi-national organisations in the areas of change management and human resource development. 
As a coach she has had the opportunity to work in complex organisational contexts helping companies manage internal structural changes, drawing on a range of interventions including self-development, leadership development, team coaching and team building, assessment and executive coaching.

Case Studies

Lorella worked with the Deputy Managing Director of an Italian banking group that was implementing a new succession management process. While the Deputy MD was highly determined and possessed very strong technical and business skills, he had much greater difficulty managing interpersonal situations and effectively using his leadership in guiding and developing his team, which were critical skills required for him to be able to become Managing Director. Together the coaching objectives were defined and over a period of 6 months they worked on developing greater insight and practicing the new behaviours. He was later nominated and confirmed as Managing Director.

Lorella worked with one of the Vice Presidents of a multinational consumer goods company with over €15bn in sales worldwide, who was in line to become the CEO of the organisation in Italy. Lorella worked with the incumbent CEO and HR to understand the coaching objectives, and over the next several months regularly met with the Vice President, focusing on issues of teamwork and effective delegation. Within one year he successfully moved into the role of CEO.

Lorella worked with the Senior Regional Managers in a financial institution, each of whom was responsible for a group of nearly 300 people, in order to create a stronger learning environment that would foster development. The company wanted to develop a coaching culture and address a climate of demotivation, a sense of insufficient clarity from the leadership team and the lack of emphasis given to feedback. Lorella lead team coaching sessions with the Managers, working with them on developing their own managerial style and focusing on feedback, communication and how to share key messages with their direct reports. Development plans were created for each of them and this coaching approach was then cascaded down through organisation. The organisation’s management team noted a dramatic change in the managerial approach of the senior regional managers, and Lorella was subsequently asked to provide individual coaching as well as organise internal workshops to create a broader learning system within the company. 

What Lorella's Clients say about her:

Lorella continuously receives glowing testimonials from her clients. Below are some examples of specific quotes that her clients have said about her.

Please note, we are always happy to supply specific references should you require them.

My work with Lorella was a great experience that allowed me to adapt my leadership style to the Italian reality. I have truly acquired a new set of skills that were key for performing the turnaround of the Italian affiliate, change the mindset of the management team and foster a culture of innovation, people management and achievement within the organisation. She is an outstanding coach and key in my development.”

Marcio Rodrigues, Regional Director, NORMEDA

The coaching experience was very important for me because it allowed me to become more proactive and involved. We worked on my professional role and dealt with the issues I have to face daily, as I had to learn how to balance my reactions to be in line with my role. I soon realized that I had to change my way of thinking! My way of dealing with others moved from a reactive and impulsive manner to a more reflective, rational and structured manner. All these changes are directly due to working with Lorella"

Lorenza , Marketing & Advertising Manager

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Lorella's areas of Expertise: 

    • Coaching Executives
    • Coaching Board and C-Suite Teams
    • Coaching Culture
    • Leadership behaviours
    • 360 degree feedback facilitation
    • Cross cultural communication