Executive Coach - Pete

Pete is an experienced Executive Coach with 25 years Management, Leadership and Coaching experience and a growing reputation as an exceptional coach across a diverse range of sectors.

He has coached over 400 professionals working with commercial organisations from the very small, to some of largest organisations in the UK. He is experienced working both 1-to-1 with Board Directors and Senior Executives as well as in groups with Senior Management Teams

Pete focuses on Leadership and Change Management Coaching, including Performance & People Management. His ability to combine financial expertise with a strong understanding of both people and commercial operations make him a great coach for MDs, Board Directors and Entrepreneurs looking to drive fast growth companies as well as further developing themselves strategically.

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Clients include:

A Selection of Pete's Sector and Industry Experience Include:

  • Aerospace
  • Digital Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Hospitality
  • Local Government
  • Music
  • Publishing
  • Media

  • Automotive
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Infrastructure
  • Logistics
  • PerformingArts
  • Retail
  • Accountancy

  • Charities
  • Equipment Hire
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Medical Equipment
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Surveying

World Class Executive Coaching

Pete began his working life as an accelerated graduate management trainee, with a comprehensive management development programme leading to a career as a derivatives trader. Leaving finance, he then bought and ran his own SME, buying and selling two companies along the way before being invited to offer Career Coaching to newly unemployed professionals and executives in the aftermath of the Lehman’s collapse. Coaching over 400 professionals in this way, Pete subsequently focused on Executive Coaching as his profession in 2009, quickly establishing a strong reputation as a creative and insightful thinker.

Pete has always endeavoured to work across as broad a range of industries as possible, being a firm believer that diversity of experience is a key driver of added value for a coach. He is equally comfortable working with PLCs and large organisations as well as SMEs; coaching Board Directors and Business Owners alike.

Pete focuses on Leadership and Change Management Coaching, including Performance & People Management. His ability to combine financial expertise with a strong understanding of both people and commercial operations make him a great coach for MDs, Board Directors and Entrepreneurs looking to drive fast growth companies as well as further developing themselves strategically.

His strengths as a coach come from an ability to quickly create credibility with leaders through a combination of broad personal experience, a sound understanding of the business and economic environment, a focus on personal motivation and a sharp ear for the right question.

As a result of this strategy Pete has worked with a broad spectrum of sectors and he particularly enjoys operational business, where his strong commercial skills and experience in fast paced environments are appreciated.  Pete is equally happy working in highly creative environments, engineering or within the public sector and has great ability to adapt his style to leverage the best results for his clients, focused on their objectives.

Pete works with a wide range of coaching models and frameworks, with an emphasis on Cognitive Behavioural Coaching and Neurobehavioural Modelling. Pete has an MA in Physics from Oxford University and a PG Certificate in Coaching.

Case Studies

Pete has worked with a Medical Products company for some time. He coaches the Regional Director for Northern Europe and also each of the 5 members of there Senior Management Team. In addition he works with the L&D Manager for EMEA and has team coached her team as well as a parallel team that she has dotted line responsibility for. This relationship continues to thrive because Pete has been able to combine a very upbeat and “championing” approach to working with the individuals concerned, throughout a difficult period, by taking an extremely pragmatic and commercial approach at team a level.

Pete worked with a Senior Banker for nine months when she was trying to do something which was essentially uncharted territory, not just for her but for the entire bank. The client was under a great deal of stress and pressure both to perform and to perform quickly, and to try and create something where the measures of success were really unclear. There were points when the client was really struggling and thinking about giving up and moving on to something else, but Pete and the client worked through those points and, by the end of the assignment, the launch was extremely successful.

What Pete's Clients say about him:

Pete continuously receives glowing testimonials from his clients. Below are some examples of specific quotes that his clients have said about him.

Please note, we are always happy to supply specific references should you require them.

A colleague recommended Pete to me when I was looking for a leadership coach to work with myself and my management team. We were a newly formed team with a group of high achievers, high performers and keen on personal development. I wanted someone that we could work with on both a group and individual level and it was of course important that each team member could connect and feel engaged with the coach. Pete's introduction to the team was through a 1-day workshop he delivered and I was amazed at the positive feedback I got from my team. The feedback from Pete from the day helped me understand better what I needed to do as a leader of this team to act on some changes I had wanted to make and be more effective in my communication so the team was aligned. We have continued with 1-1 coaching sessions with Pete on a quarterly basis which has helped our personal development and leadership competencies. I highly recommend Pete and he has become an integral part of our team.‬‬”

‪Lisa Aubert, Regional Director, Europe North‬‬

I had worked for nearly 20 years for the same company, upon returning from my 3rd foreign assignment I found myself in the middle of a global organisational transformation with potentially no options in sight but redundancy, however, through Pete’s thought provoking and inspirational coaching I was able to adapt, adjust and secured a position. Pete really knows how to challenge the excuses you make and get the best out of you.”

Global Implementation Manager, Volvo Group Truck Operations

Pete has a lot of empathy and is a very good listener. Best of all, he can answer questions in a focused and detailed manner that shows a clear understanding of his business and gets to the root of issues. I was impressed with his capability, and would not hesitate in recommending him further to others.”

Guy Doole, Insurance Director

Pete was quick to highlight my current strengths but also those strengths being under utilised… Pete doesn’t just provide the missing ingredient but also the kitchen in which to combine everything, in which to evaluate everything you are, who you may wish to be, and the ideal role you may wish to create."

Business Development Director

Pete is a great coach that challenges me with the right questions. He is encouraging, realistic and honest. Peter has a humble approach, is down to earth so it is easy to feel relaxed around him. You can tell that he is interested in his own personal development and finding ways to improve his own skills, he is not one of those coaches that “know it all”! I can highly recommend Peter as a coach in business, transition or performance. You will not be disappointed.”

Linda Samuelsson, EMEA Business Manager

As a result of working with my Notion Executive Coach I have developed a better understanding of my impact in the organisation. I now have a wider perspective about what’s affecting the organisation and what might affect the motivations of people in other areas of the business - not just inside the finance world. This has helped me to engage with my peers more effectively and build more effective relationships. It was great to bounce ideas off my Executive Coach - taking the time to consider issues from new angles has helped me to change the way I respond in different situations. I can’t fault my Notion executive coaching experience - it has helped me to get off the treadmill, reflect, and make positive changes.”

Dave Lindsay, West Midland Trains, Financial Director

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What Pete Says...

“When you boil it down, most of us are paid to think… or perhaps more accurately, we’re paid for the decisions we take on the back of that thinking. Investing time in the clarity of your thinking is the most valuable and rewarding thing you can do for both you and your Organisation."

Pete's areas of Expertise: 

    • 1-to-1 Senior Executive Coaching
    • Board / C-Suite Team Coaching
    • Board Facilitation re Business Strategy and Business Growth
    • Preparation for Promotion to Partner/Board Level
    • Behavioural Change
    • Facilitation and Action Learning Sets
    • Change Management Programmes