Trainer - Martin

Martin is a trainer of outstanding quality. With more than 30 years combined business management, consulting, coaching and mentoring experience, he is an expert in helping clients achieve significant profitability and performance improvements.

The majority of Martin’s work is at senior executive and board level and most recently has coached and facilitated the Executive team (11 partners) in a substantial construction company; included the establishing of a new communications framework and operational charter between them. He is also one of only a handful of coaches approved to work with the most senior management in organisations like BBC and NPower.

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Clients include:

A Selection of Martin’s Sector and Industry Experience Include:

  • Construction 
  • Charities 
  • Football Clubs 
  • Hotels

  • Media & Broadcasting 
  • Retail 
  • Councils & NHS 
  • Financial Institutions 

  • Health-care
  • Information Technology 
  • Mining & oil exploration 
  • Travel and Tourism 

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World Class Training

Martin's unique background includes the General Management of international hotels, a Directorship with the Training & Enterprise Council, Change Management Consulting within the Retail, Education, Private and Public Sectors and Corporate & Business Coaching at a senior level within Financial Institutions, Mining & Oil Exploration, Health Care, Construction and Information Technology sectors.

Martin combines the tools of Business Coaching with an in-depth understanding of human capability, and so helps clients create lasting, powerful and often life changing results. He delivers a deep message with a light touch; being coached by him is both challenging and a fun experience. 

His unique combination of skills and experience means that he is in high demand from successful business people. He is also often invited to work within the media and has been involved with and appeared in various programmes on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 & the Discovery Channel. 

Martin has delivered hundreds of hours of client interventions, is an NLP Master Practitioner, has a raft of training & coaching qualifications as well as an honours degree in psychology. He is currently completing his PHD in coaching and has recently released his latest book ‘Brilliant Coaching Conversations’ on Amazon.

Case Studies

Martin worked with the regional director of an international high street brand. The goal of the executive coaching assignment was to support the client in developing robustness and capability to handle multiple challenges simultaneously. The 6 month assignment included stakeholder feed-forward and resulted in the achievement of the coaching goals. Shortly after the assignment ended the client was promoted to an even more senior role. 

Martin worked with one of the Senior Executives of a global Construction company who needed to step-up into a board level role. The goal of the coaching was to prepare this individual to step up by adopting an improved leadership style, enhanced communication approaches and the development of appropriate gravitas. By the end of the 6- month coaching programme the client was dealing effectively and confidently with Board colleagues, managing the increased workload effectively and embracing new challenges. 

Martin worked with a brewery and pub chain who wanted to change attitudes, overcome internal communication issues and turnaround a decline in sales. He worked directly with the regional retail managers to equip them with coaching skills as well as delivering group coaching with the sales team. He also acted a Coach for their internal team of coaches. As a result of his intervention sales improved and communications with the landlords / tenants were better.

What Martin’s Clients say about him:

Martin continuously receives glowing testimonials from his clients. Below are some examples of specific quotes that his clients have said about him.

Please note, we are always happy to supply specific references should you require them.

Being coached by Martin has been an outstanding experience and has been significant in helping me be successful”

Director, West Ham United Football Club

I achieved much more from the coaching programme with Martin than I expected; it was an excellent experience”

Barclays Bank, UK

Martin was an expert in coaching me to improve my business performance through communication & influencing. Two years on I still hear his words in my head in situations, which help me handle them to get a great outcome. Since the coaching I have been promoted & achieved a new professional qualification.”

HR, Marks & Spencer

What Martin Says...

“I don’t know anyone who is 100% satisfied with their performance, but am privileged to work only with those who both recognise their potential and are prepared to do something about it. If that sounds like you then I promise to help you reach higher than ever before"

Martin’s areas of Expertise: 

    • Coaching MD’s and/or Board Facilitation re Business Strategy and Business Growth
    • Behavioural change
    • Change Management Programmes