Our Business Coaching Programmes

All our Business Coaching Programmes are bespoke and tailored to meet the individual needs of each of our clients.

Each session with your Business Coach is unique.

As such there is not a standard Business Coaching Programme, however there are many common themes and issues that many Business Owners face and we do have outline programmes to give you strategies to overcome these issues.

We offer 4 levels of Business Coaching Programmes that are designed to suit Business Owners and Managing Directors at various stages of their business’ development.

  • The Accelerator Programme, is designed for businesses either looking for exceptional growth or for business owners of larger companies who are looking to develop their business processes, their skills, and perhaps those of their team / senior management. It focuses on delivering massive action towards great results. Potential clients of this programme need to be prepared to invest their time and energy towards powerful changes in both their personal and business life
  • The Core Programmes, these are our most popular programmes and are aimed at established Businesses with reasonable turnovers. You will have a fundamentally strong business and are now looking to develop yourself further so that you can take yourself and your business to the next level e.g. via new insights, new concepts and leverage.
  • The Starter and Maintenance Programmes, are aimed primarily at newer businesses in start-up situations or with smaller turnovers. It is also ideal for existing clients who have come to the end of one of our main programmes and who want to maintain their high motivational levels and receive ongoing support.
  • The Business Success Strategies Programmes, include bespoke business coaching at the Silver and Gold membership levels and a highly affordable and accessible way to access some of the UK's most experienced Business Coaches. For more information on this particular programme, visit it's dedicated page: Business Success Strategies or the relevant section within our shop.

What’s included in each Programme?

Sessions with your Business Coach 

  • These are dynamic, challenging and fun meetings
  • The length, frequency and style vary with each programme

The Initial Planning Meeting 

  • This first meeting of the programme is designed so that your Business Coach can learn as much as possible about your objectives for the programme as well as your business challenges.
  • During this meeting your Business Coach will work with you to design the best, bespoke programme to ensure you achieve the results you are looking for.

Frequency and Style of sessions 

  • There is flexibility built into all the programmes regarding the combination of face-to-face work and telephone work.
  • This flexibility is designed to maximise your results and deliver the best format for your working style and other commitments.
  • Frequency of the meetings ranges from Monthly to Weekly, depending on the individual programme chosen and the preferred style of coaching.

"Cathy's support and coaching expertise proved to be invaluable as the business grew exponentially to a turnover of £3m and an associate base of over 40 consultants in the year that I sold it. During the time that she worked with me, I drew on her skills to help me manage the growth process, the building of a managerial team and the challenges of balancing my own role as founder director, leader of the business and key account manager. I found her unfailing in her passion for the business and our work together and incredibly resourceful in the perspectives and advice she was able to offer. However I most valued the quality of her listening and her unflinching integrity in a business that was principle-driven. I would unhesitatingly recommend her as a business coach."

Sarah Harwood, Director The Faraday Partnership

Additional Calls & Email support

  • Clients can contact their Business Coach by phone or email at any point in-between sessions to ask questions, use as a “sounding board” or to ask for a quick 5 minutes of “laser” coaching.

Toolkits and Template

  • At times clients may want to pass on some of their insights from the coaching sessions onto their teams. We will provide you with the templates and toolkits where possible to be able to do this.

There are a number of other benefits with most of our programme, including free Resources and Bespoke Workshops.

We believe we offer outstanding value and we know we deliver results, so what’s stopping you?

We get daily telephone calls asking us 'How Much Does Business Coaching Cost?' this specific question, and we'd like to ask this question in return...

What price would you pay to GUARANTEE your business success?

Our business coaching programmes can be designed to fit any budget from £40 to £3,000+ a month and are always designed to deliver a significant return on investment (as attested by many of our clients).  We don't hold you to any long term contracts as we believe in working month to month to deliver outstanding value to you in every session.

So price should never be used as an excuse to not take action!  So if you have a budget in mind, and are serious about growing your business, then...

Something to think about

“Recent studies show business coaching and executive coaching to be the most effective means for achieving sustainable growth, change and development in the individual, group and organisation.”
HR Monthly

“A major benefit of coaching is having someone who helps you see your strengths and weaknesses and uses them to accomplish your goals.”
Minneapolis Star-Tribune