Established Medium Size Organisations - IFA

Carol McLachlan worked 1-to-1 with a Partner in a firm of Independent Financial Advisors to identify opportunities for Business Growth. They started by identifying the 20% of activities that would leverage the most results.

By simply thinking about activity in these terms the Partner discovered that it was in fact just 20% of her clients who brought in 80% of her profits. Based on this analysis she switched her time to identifying clients with a net worth in a defined range and sifted out those who answered positively to a set of 'sales' questions. Almost instantly she hit her sales targets and then continued hitting them without any additional effort at all.

Through the coaching process the Partner was able to find a pattern of activity that really produced significant results for her. This was further leveraged using a process called ‘modeling’ - a process of watching carefully what someone else does that works, and then copying them.

The 1-to-1 coaching delivered direct and measurable results: bottom line sales growth and also improved processes and efficiencies.