Established Medium Size Organisations - Management Consultancy

Cathy worked with the founder owner of a consultancy that provided leadership and management development to large organisations. The business was growing very quickly, and the owner was faced with some difficult decisions about the future of her business. In the first instance she wanted help in clarifying her personal goals in order to align her business plans with her personal objectives.

When we began working together, she was enjoying her work, but she no longer needed to rely on the income from the business. At the same time she was considering the possibility of devoting a significant amount of time to working in the non-for-profit sector and considering the possibility of doing charitable work overseas.

Through business coaching we helped her manage the growth of her business, the building of a strong managerial team, and the challenges of balancing her own roles as founder director, leader of the business and key account manager.

Through our work she was able to clarify her personal goals, and determine that the business outcome she most wanted was a profitable sale of the business as a going concern.

These goals were achieved and she now has a personally fulfilling life, which includes 6 months of travelling every year and 6 months of volunteer working in the not-for-profit sector in the UK.