Established Medium Size Organisations - UK Brewer

A recently established assortment of business support specialists had been brought together as a result of a company wide restructuring programme. The collective performance of the new department was perceived as poor and somewhat lacking in effectiveness compared to the previous (larger and more labour intensive) system.

A detailed analysis of the perceived ‘problems’ was collated from the senior members of the business support team. It was clear that many of them still identified themselves as specialists who had been forced to work under the collective umbrella of the new system. The resulting lack of collaboration was addressed by a facilitated day-long workshop that brought the team together and focused on the achievement of a single goal.

The facilitation worked as the foundation and basis for generative change within the group, the development of a team work ethic and the sharing of functional responsibilities. The net result was an immediate and noticeable improvement in the attitude of the Business Support Team and hence an ongoing change in their perception.