Large Corporates - Energy Company

Bill was invited by a leading Energy company to lead a major, company-wide programme aimed at improving individual and team performance and thereby, overall organisational effectiveness.

This 3-year programme involved working with 700 managers across the company.

All 700 attended an introductory workshop.

From there 100 were selected to take part in a full coaching programme with a management skills module, designed to deliver a wider context in which the coaching could be delivered.

With Mentoring and integration with the company’s existing management development programme, the initiative was cascaded through the remaining 600 managers. Coaching and mentoring was provided throughout this initiative.

The benefits of this cascade process included:

  • The creation of a ‘development’ and ‘continuous improvement’ culture within the organisation
  • A decrease in negativity amongst the managers
  • An increase in performance
  • Managers ability to spot and develop potential talent within their teams
  • A more positive and promotable management team