Large Corporates - Software Company

Cathy Lasher worked with a large Software company to assist in bringing together 2 merging Customer Call Centre departments, to uncover and resolve inter and intra departmental issues that were causing workload issues, stress related absence and disruptive interpersonal issues.

Through a large scale programme including individual coaching and facilitated group workshops the team began to build trust and a willingness to participate which enabled Cathy to unearth and tackle key areas.

Processes which were not interlocking properly due to organisational changes were changed to enable smoother handovers.   Workload divisions seen as inequitable, badly skill-matched or not logistically pragmatic were re-organised to provide better and team collaboration & issue resolution for the customer.

Workload and uncertainty which were causing stress related and interpersonal issues between department staff improved significantly. Stress related absence and infighting reduced and an increased understanding of each others roles and self generated better collaboration.

Finally downward management communications increased and became more “open and inclusive”. Employees were more able to voice their opinions, manage daily work issues earlier and engage with the organisational changes around them.