Public Sector - Government Office

Over a two-year period, Cathy Lasher ran a series of workshops for nearly 200 people drawn from a number of Government Offices (GO), and under the auspices of the Department for Communities and Local Government, entitled ‘Delivering through Partnership’.

These workshops were aimed at Government Office employees who worked in partnership with others over whom they had no hierarchical authority, and with partners from a wide range of organisations. The workshops helped the GO individuals to increase their personal authority, to understand partnership working more clearly, and, as a result, to build and manage more effective partnership relationships, thus enabling more effective programme delivery.

This programme was incredibly well received, and feedback included comments such as:

"Overall the best course I have attended in a long time in the civil service (nearly 20 years)"

"The fact that it was tailored to our work makes a refreshing change".

"Opportunity to reflect. The case study….was very real and quite challenging".

"Lively learning, good to meet other GO colleagues and network and share experiences and best practice".

"The course did actually make me question a lot about what I am doing and make me think about how to handle both myself and other people. This was not always a pleasant exercise, but well worthwhile".

"It was a very good course indeed…..the group gelled well the case study turned out to be perhaps the most useful (and difficult, and amusing) part of the programme. I found myself in a near-identical situation to the case study at a meeting here last week, so knowledge gained has already been applied".