Public Sector - Large Multi-Campus University

An extensive redevelopment programme for the University was to result in significant disruption for staff and students over a period of some years. The need was to enhance the perception of high levels of service and care prior and during this disruption in order to offset some of its negative impact, and meet enhanced service levels to match the enhanced built environment.

The solution was a Campus wide development of problem solving teams made up of representatives from across the university working together toward a single aim. A number of presentations to all staff were made (and recorded for use on their intranet system). These were followed by facilitated leadership workshops with the goal of developing a consistent approach. Further specialist facilitated group workshops were held to define the construction and scope of the problem solving teams. These teams were then delivered in facilitated lots; the first being a set of four, followed by another set of four and so on; the degree of facilitation declining in direct relation to the development of internal expertise.

Significantly improved communication and general staff morale were achieved quite quickly. Enhanced perceptions of the commitment of the university to high levels of support and service grew as the number of teams and successful projects were delivered.