Small Business - Legal Firm

Laura worked with an entrepreneurial Midlands based Corporate Lawyer who was eager to finally walk away from the security of a big city law firm and set up his own law firm.

One of his biggest obstacles to overcome was his fear of taking any major risks and his lack of broader business skills.

We worked on putting together a stepping stone strategy over an 18-month period which took him though some interim support options prior to setting up his own firm. This included gaining clarity on his real goals and the vision for the business, understanding his values and what he wanted from his work life, very structured budgeting and client revenue targets, marketing and networking skills training and action plans, time management, and developing business systems.

To ease the transition and to provide immediate income our client worked for the first 12 months with a virtual law firm on an associate basis whist he build his independent client base. 18 months into the programme his revenue, income, skills and confidence were such that he could drop this “step” and invest in his own premises and business and start to recruit his own team.