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Maintaining Coaching Excellence is an innovative new Programme for serious coaches interested in their continuing professional development (CPD) and building their toolkit.

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Maintaining Coaching Excellence is an innovative new Programme for serious coaches interested in their continuing professional development (CPD) and building their toolkit.

"I used the exercise with a senior executive within the public sector to set the directorate 5 year strategy. She then took the model and used it on her team away day. I can't recommend it highly enough."
Executive Coach, W. Midlands


These resources are designed for coaches of all levels of experience and across a broad range of coaching niches. Whether you consider yourself as an Executive Coach, Corporate Coach, Business Coach, Internal Coach, Coaching Facilitator or something completely different... you willget value from this programme.

If you are interested in continually adding value to your clients, whatever your niche, you should take up the 100% risk free 30 day free trial offer.


30 day FREE Trial - is really 100% FREE! You don't even have to pay for the postage!

How does it work?

Just sign up now and get immediate access to our membership area where you can access all the materials in Month 1.

 Listen to the audio interviews and use the workbook as may times as you want over the next 30 days.


If you don't like them you can unsubscribe at any point during the 30 day trial and never pay us a penny. If, on the other hand, you think they are great then do nothing and after 30 days we will ship directly to your door a hard copy of the CD and workbook in a stylish presentation case, along with Month 2.

Membership for Month 2 onwards is just: 

CD      £49.77 + vat per month

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Why have you developed this programme?





As a team of professional coaches we expect our coaches to have a coach, have a supervisor and also ensure they are actively participating in CPD programmes.  However we found very little in the way of useable resources that could be built into busy work schedules.

Most CPD opportunities were either expensive niche training courses or required 1-2 days out of the business attending conferences and events.

Maintaining Coaching Excellence has been designed to fit into your lifestyle and give you a low cost way of building up your CPD and a great resource library on an ongoing basis.

What's more it is COMPLETELY FREE TO TRY!


  • Reading business or coaching books probably isn’t on your daily 'to-do' list’ even if you'd like it to be :)
  • Going on more niche coaching training courses probably isn’t a high priority
  • Spending £000’s on more coach training may not be an option due to financial constraints


  •  Driving a car to work and to client meetings probably is part of a normal business day
  • Listening to the radio while driving to work and business meetings or listening to an ipod at the gym / on the train probably is part of a normal business day.
  • Finding new, great ideas that can easily be implemented with your clients would be fabulous - if it could fit into your normal business day


Maintaining Coaching Excellence, as well as being a great programme, easily fits into a normal business day.  We've made it easy for you to learn, grow and become even better at what you do.

"I get bored by old time management theories. It’s fairly basic management training, but this programme is different. It has reframe the issue of ‘lack of time’ with my clients and offer constructive and simple techniques to change their thinking about how they spend their time – to leverage better results every day.”
Corporate Coach, Norwich


What does the Programme Entail?



Each Module lasts about 1 hour and contains an easy to listen to interview with a leading coach or business expert, followed by a discussion with two leading coaches identifying the practical applications from the interview in different client settings.

There is also an example of a coaching exercise broken down into clear steps that you can use with your clients.

Additional resources include an action plan template to help you or your client work through the coaching exercise and end up with a clear and measurable action plan, as well as further background information and coaching ideas around the broader subject.

All the content is highly pragmatic and designed to be immediately beneficial to the coach.

Each month you'll receive a presentation case with an Audio, a workbook, an example Coached Exercise and your MCE Extra as well as other recommended reading, relevant bonus materials, book reviews etc.

  • Listen to the Audio in your car or office. It contains a ‘radio 4’ style interview with a genuine expert and is packed with ‘straight-from-the-horses-mouth’ tips on how to further develop your coaching skills.
  • Work through the simple Coached Exercise which will help you implement the new ideas with your clients
  • Read the Extras, implement the ideas if relevant too and then add it to your growing library of invaluable tools with which to more effectively help yourself and your clients

Don't take our word for it - this is what some of our members are saying about it:

"This programme has provided me with extremely helpful tools I can apply directly to client situations. The format is really enjoyable, and easy to listen to more than once. I often pop a CD into the car when I am driving to client meetings to stimulate my thinking."
Professional Coach, Stockport

In the first few months alone you'll discover:

  • Strategies to help your time starved clients better leverage their time
  • Be given a step by step guide you can use to help your client develop their own personal productivity plan
  • Understand why most employees aren't motivated by money and how your clients can use this to their advantage
  • Learn the seven steps to putting in place a process that will have their employees striving to add to the companies performance
  • The importance of understanding the set of rules that will make your clients more successful
  • What your clients need to stop doing as well as what they need to do more of
  • A step by step exercise to help your clients define a clear and deliverable vision and strategy for their department or business and the tools to be able to clearly communicate it to their team
  • How to help your clients avoid becoming paralysed, and make progress
  • How healthy stress can be beneficial
  • How thinking like a 'hero' can change responses
  • How to recognise the signs of overwhelm
  • ....and much, much more!!!


We obviously don’t expect you to take our word, or even our members words, for it – we just want you to try it for yourself which is why we'd love to offer you a Free 1 month trial membership.

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What's Included in the Programme?



Each month your Maintaining Coaching Excellence resources will be posted directly to your home or office. The materials you’ll receive contain the combined wisdom of the UK’s leading Business Coaches, Business Growth Experts and Business Specialists who’ve been encouraged to share their most successful tips and strategies.

Each month’s pack includes:

  • An easy-to-listen-to audio full of insights into coaching around specific issues  – no theory here, just practical ideas that you can implement
  • These audios include exclusive interviews with Coaching Experts  who share their most successful tips and strategies 
  • But as we’re a Coaching organisation you’ll also receive every month a workbook which includes a detailed, step-by-step action plan of how to implement the strategies discussed on the CD with your own coaching clients for immediate benefit – there’s no excuses, we make it easy – you can follow the included coached exercise or use it to stimulate further thinking and ideas for yourself
  • Plus additional 'EXTRAs' every month including additional resources around the subject covered. 

Across the programme you'll also receive:

  • Exclusive book summaries where we take the best business and development books and distil the key learnings for you – we take the practical tips out of these books for you to implement (as we already know what works!)
  • Advanced notice and ‘Early Bird’ discounts on our future courses and seminars
  • If that wasn't enough, Membership is Guaranteed 100% Risk Free!!

If after reviewing the first month’s materials, you don’t believe that you will get amazing value from the programme you don't have to pay a penny and you can keep everything with zero obligation.

If you love this programme and believe it will help you grow your business then take no action and you will automatically be upgraded to full membership and new modules will be shipped to you every month for a small monthly charge of £49.77 + vat.  You can cancel your membership at anytime.

Most members choose to stay on the programme as the information they receive is often priceless. This programme will have a direct impact on your coaching performance and also provides you with great ways to add even more value to your own clients.

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Here are our 100% RISK FREE GUARANTEES


  • The first month of this continuing professional development programme will be sent to youcompletely free of charge. If after reviewing the first month’s materials, you don’t believe that you will get huge value from the programme you don't have to pay a penny and can keep everything with zero obligation
  • If on the other hand we don't hear from you (because you're sensible and got great value from the trial), then at the end of your one-month trial membership of Maintaining Coaching Excellence you will automatically be upgraded to full membership, at the published rate for the programme you are on, unless you cancel your membership, which you can do at anytime. Most members choose to stay on the programme as the information they receive is of significant value.
  • We have invested over £1.25 million in acquiring and developing this knowledge. We guarantee to hold nothing back in sharing with you the best knowledge from our highly sought after Coaches to help your CPD.
  • We guarantee no long term contracts and don’t ask for any long term tie-ins – If you don’t think you’re getting great value from this programme every month - you can stop the programme at any time, no questions asked, no hassles!

"I have been impressed by the speed of reaction from Notion and also the excellent customer service they have displayed."
Donald Munro, Director, Dalmore Solutions


"Notion are true to their word in giving refunds. Even though my package was lost in the post they still refunded - exceptional integrity in todays' world."
Gill Barstow,



Who are the Experts on the Programme?


The team of coaches at have worked with and coached over 5,200 business owners and 110,000 senior managers over many years. We include some of the UKs most experienced coach supervisors and coach trainers, and are an approved centre for ILM Level 7 Certification in Coaching and Mentoring.

We have pulled our knowledge of what does and doesn't work in coaching interactions to share them in this programme. In addition we interview other experts from the coaching and leadership development fields to also add their knowledge and insights to the programme and then add further value by breaking this information down into formats you can immediately use with your clients.

As one of the UK's leading Business Coaching companies we have worked with Business leaders from just about every industry and scale of business including:

  • Hundreds of MDs and Business Owners running SME’s across the UK and over 100,000 senior managers too
  • Billion dollar investment firms
  • Members of the American Senate & 10 Downing Street
  • International Celebrities and TV personalities
  • An Olympic medalist
  • We also regularly appear as expert guests on radio and TV (BBC, ITV, Channel 4), are published authors, columnists and motivational keynote speakers

We know what strategies help our clients make the biggest breakthroughs and about the hard work and dedication that goes into becoming a successful coach.

But we also have more to learn so we also invite in other experts from the coaching and leadership development arenas to share their knowledge and insights. The added value is that we also look at how to apply this new knowledge in different coaching situations to maximise your value from the material.  

So what have you got to lose?



Absolutely nothing, but you do have potentially a great deal to gain! This programme has been designed with you in mind, to ensure that you're able to take the ideas you'll hear about and implement them into your coaching practise quickly.

Find out how this fantastic resource can start to get you to where you should be - and become even more successful as a coach!!

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Bespoke Supervision Programmes - Silver Membership



You can now combine the acclaimed MCE Membership programme with bespoke 1-to-1 coaching or coaching supervision from one of the UK's most experienced supervisors.  These bespoke programmes represent amazing value and allow you to enjoy a highly tailored approach that combines with the MCE programme guarantee that your coaching successes will quickly follow!

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, click here to find our more about our Silver and Gold memberships.


Wishing you a successful and action packed year!