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A New Approach to Confident Networking

Never fear another networking event! Learn how to make the most out of every opportunity. 

Whether you’re a seasoned networker or someone about to attend their first networking event, there’s something here for everyone!

Bullet Proof Your Business Start-Up

Save a fortune on your start up! Learn where to focus to ensure your start-up is a success.

Some 80% of new businesses don’t survive - a depressing statistic! So how do you give your business the best possible start? On this programme we'll show you how to save a fortune on your start up and where to focus your time to ensure your business start-up is a success!

Create your own PR Success
Discover why you don’t need to hire an expensive PR agency to get great PR!
Diversify your Brand
Listen and make the breakthrough in thinking required to diversify your business
Guerrilla Cash Flow Tactics
Cash is King! Implement the strategies to ensure your business never has a cash crisis.
Kickstart Your Motivation
How to get your motivation, performance & output to a high level and sustain them.
Make Sales Irresistible
New insights that will give you a whole new approach to selling and increase your sales!
Manage Your Talent
Find out how to get the people in your business striving to add to your bottom line.
Maximise Your Time Leverage
Discover how to leverage your time to get the biggest commercial bang for your buck.
Ninja Website Secrets
Increase your website conversions by listening to this critical information for online success
Overcome Overwhelm
Learn methods to get yourself out of overwhelm, de-stress and refocus.
Profit from the Internet
Learn how to build your Internet presence and generate profitable leads.  
Quick to Cash
Discover 'low cost' and 'no cost' strategies to help you get the cash in now!
Relationship Marketing Sells
How to get email marketing working & generate profits from customers eager to buy!
Successful Recruitment Pays
Learn how to save money in the recruitment process & get it right first time!
The Crucial Step for Achieving Success
7 steps to decide exactly what you want for your business, then create the strategy!
Your '0-60' Success Formula
Learn from an MD who took a start up from £0-£60m turnover in just 2 years.