Make Sales Irresistible

New insights that will give you a whole new approach to selling and increase your sales!

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Make Sales Irresistible



Does the thought of selling bring you out in a cold sweat? Does business development fill you with dread and does learning about closing techniques and making the perfect elevator pitch leave you wondering just how business gets done?


As author of the international bestseller ‘Sales Therapy', Grant Leboff shows us just why the whole approach to sales is being turned on its head.


On this programme we’re going to show you how to 'Make Sales Irresistible!'


Listen to the audio and learn...

  • Whether you’re really selling at all!
  • How presenting benefits could be losing you sales!
  • How simply changing your frame of reference can drive sales
  • Why not trying so hard could see the money roll in
  • How to overcome your in-built sales hesitancy
  • How to make yourself and your products appealing!


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It’s seems that wherever you look, business is getting harder with increasing competition and greater demands being placed on us all as business owners. Marketing is the fancier discipline and has become the lifeblood of any thriving business, but this often comes at the expense of a clear focus on the process of making the sale!!


If you’ve ever attended a sales course or received formal sales training, the rather mechanistic approach to closing a sale may seem fairly clumsy given the pressures that purchasers are under too to drive out the highest value – the course of a sale just never goes as smoothly as sales trainers would have you believe!


Grant shares new insights into how sales actually get done in today’s competitive arena, and uses practical examples to show how you can apply some of these insights to your own business as you begin to change your whole approach to selling.


What makes this programme different is that we don’t leave you high and dry by not answering the ‘So what now?’ question.  At the end of the audio, we take things to the next level by walking you through a step-by-step exercise to help you discover the immediate ways you could begin to improve your chance of making successful sales.


About the Experts on this CD

We’ve been lucky enough to entice international bestselling author, Grant Leboff, into the studio to talk to us.


Grant Leboff

sales expertGrant Leboff, with his acclaimed international bestselling book ‘Sales Therapy’ offers a fresh perspective on how sales are won in the 21st century, and what any business owner can do to begin to apply some simple principles to developing their own sales approach.

His refreshing style has made him a sought after speaker around the world and his message of simplicity is one that is finding a ready and willing audience. If you’ve struggled to make sales, you too could be ‘trying too hard’. It’s time to sit back and gain a new perspective of how sales can be maximized with less effort.




Dominic Ashley-Timms

more salesDominic is a seasoned management consultant with over 15 years of client work delivering Programmes for blue chips organisations including Sainsbury’s, The Royal Bank of Scotland and the Croatian Government. He is also a highly sought after international Trainer developing and delivering global programmes for organisations like Oracle, Reckitt Benckiser, Dupont and Nestlé. His passion is helping Business Owners grow their profits and is your host on this programme.




Laura Ashley-Timms

get more salesLaura is a highly experienced coach delivering dramatic results for her clients who normally achieve annual growth of 40-100%. Her background includes budget responsibilities of £90-£180m, managing teams of over 80 people, and delivering year on year growth in every role for 10 consecutive years. Her global career spans working in USA, Asia and Europe. Exposed to coaching throughout her life, as a sportswoman and in the Business arena, she is passionate about what coaching can do to accelerate performance and results. Her practical and direct approach is challenging whilst her sense of fun ensures that the overall coaching experience is very enjoyable.




Here's what our Customers have to say about this Programme... 

"These 'tailor-made,' dynamic, growth strategies will drive your business to the next level - and the one after that - with all the motivation you need to take ACTION on your goals and achieve them, rather than simply talking about it! "
Jan Jordyn, MD Broody Foody Ltd

"So many of my 'problems' seem to be quite common and are addressed! This looks like my biggest opportunity to make things different for the Company and my life."
Eddie Hing, Universal Networks



What is included in Make Sales Irresistible?

Increase Sales


  • Your CD


  • Your Workbook


  • Bonus Materials


Bonus 1 - Bonus article on how to understand buyer motivations and how using the problem map toll will drive your sales



  • Optional Bonuses


Bonus 2 – 1-Month free trial membership to Business Success Strategies - normally £49.77+ vat per month

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Bonus 3 – 3 CD set ‘12 Secrets to Guarantee your Business Success’- priceless, but would typically cost £200 to acquire this information from us in any other format



Our Guarantees


This programme is GUARANTEED 100% RISK FREE

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  • If after listening to the programme and completing the step-by-step exercise you cannot determine actions that you can implement to add genuine value to your business, you can return the programme within the first 30 days for a 100% no quibble, no hassle refund.
  • We guarantee we shall make it easy for you to take action and to grow your business. Each module will focus you on the specific actions to take, that will have massive benefits for you and your business, broken down into simple bite-sized chunks.