Profit from the Internet

Learn how to build your Internet presence and generate profitable leads.  

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Profit from the Internet



It's a well known phrase that "Your business is not your product or service, but the marketing of that product or service". The Internet has become a global phenomenon that allows people to search for and find exactly what they want, giving you an unprecedented opportunity to attract them directly to purchase from you!


We challenged Mike Seddon, renowned expert in helping client companies to improve their Internet profile and attract new customers to their Websites, to break down the Internet for us, to demystify all the mumbo jumbo that we constantly hear about, and give us clear steps that any of us can take to begin building our Internet marketing presence and share in this lucrative opportunity to generate profitable leads.


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On this CD you will:

  • Learn why you need to apply ICE to succeed on the Internet!
  • Understand how important it is to get the words on your Website right!
  • Cut through the mumbo jumbo to understand how you too can benefit from Google advertising!
  • Learn how to promote your Website for free!
  • Learn how to reach your ideal customers!

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We may feel that we have a pretty decent knowledge of how the Internet works, but most of us will have only scratched the surface. Mike lays out clearly where we may be wasting our efforts and provides a simple framework for ensuring that every penny that we spend on Internet marketing generates the highest Return on Investment.


What makes this programme different is that we don’t leave you high and dry by not answering the ‘So what now?’ question.  At the end of the audio, we take things to the next level by walking you through a step-by-step exercise to develop your own internet marketing plan and ensure that you generate profitable leads.



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sell with google adwords"I have been running a traditional business for nearly 30 years and rarely have time for business books. There’s too much work to do! The pleasure of listening to this CD in my car on the way to work was fantastic. It was like a Radio 4 interview crammed full of ideas to improve my bottom line. I’m now a convert to the Business Success Strategies programme and highly recommend it to any BUSY business owner who’s seriously interested in improving their business. This is my most successful year by far!"
Claire Garnett, MD,

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"I think it’s absolutely brilliant and I am going to recommend it to all of my clients" Ben Reynolds, Partner, TGFP (Accountants)




About the Experts on this CD

Mike Seddon, renowned expert in helping client companies to improve their internet profile, and Dominic Ashley-Timms, our interviewer, bring the concepts of making money from the Internet alive in their discussion. This is then followed by a step-by-step coaching session with Laura Ashley-Timms the co founder of the UK’s top Business Coaching company, Notion and an expert Business Coach.



Mike Seddon

adwords expertMike Seddon is a renowned expert in helping client companies to improve their Internet profile and attract new customers to their Websites. Through his company, Mike also provides a huge number of resources to entrepreneurs so that they can develop their Internet Marketing skills to generate profitable leads.



Dominic Ashley-Timms

adwords expertDominic is a seasoned management consultant with over 15 years of client work delivering Programmes for blue chips organisations including Sainsbury’s, The Royal Bank of Scotland and the Croatian Government. He is also a highly sought after international Trainer developing and delivering global programmes for organisations like Oracle, Reckitt Benckiser, Dupont and Nestlé. His passion is helping Business Owners grow their profits and is your host on this programme.




Laura Ashley-Timms

business growth expertLaura is a highly experienced coach delivering dramatic results for her clients who normally achieve annual growth of 40-100%. Her background includes budget responsibilities of £90-£180m, managing teams of over 80 people, and delivering year on year growth in every role for 10 consecutive years. Her global career spans working in USA, Asia and Europe. Exposed to coaching throughout her life, as a sportswoman and in the Business arena, she is passionate about what coaching can do to accelerate performance and results. Her practical and direct approach is challenging whilst her sense of fun ensures that the overall coaching experience is very enjoyable.





What is included in Profit from the Internet? 


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  • Your CD


  • Your Workbook


  • Bonus Materials

Bonus 1 - Tip sheet containing ideas of how to use effective keywords


Bonus 2 - Special access to Mike's complete video course that will show you what you need to do to ensure that your Website gets noticed by the search engines and climbs the ranking



  • Optional Bonuses


Bonus 2 – 1-Month free trial membership to Business Success Strategies - normally £49.77+ vat per month

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Bonus 3 – 3 CD set ‘12 Secrets to Guarantee your Business Success’- priceless, but would typically cost £200 to acquire this information from us in any other format




Our Guarantees


This programme is GUARANTEED 100% RISK FREE

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  • If after listening to the programme and completing the step-by-step exercise you cannot determine actions that you can implement to add genuine value to your business, you can return the programme within the first 30 days for a 100% no quibble, no hassle refund.
  • We guarantee we shall make it easy for you to take action and to grow your business. Each module will focus you on the specific actions to take, that will have massive benefits for you and your business, broken down into simple bite-sized chunks.