CPD for Coaches

Maintaining Coaching Excellence
 is an innovative programme for serious coaches interested in their continual professional development (CPD). These resources are designed for coaches of all levels of experience and across a broad range of coaching niches. Whether you consider yourself as an Executive Coach, Corporate Coach, Business Coach, Internal Coach, Coaching Facilitator or something completely different... you will get value from this programme.
Maintaining Coaching Excellence Membership
Maintaining Coaching Excellence is an innovative new Programme for serious coaches interested in their continuing professional development (CPD) and building their toolkit.
Dealing With Overwhelm
There are times when we (as well as our clients) can all "lose the plot" and can end up spending ages sorting through trivia, or browsing the Internet, or anything else that distracts from facing the enormous workload we face.
Developing your Client's Vision

Understand the rules that will make your clients more successful and help them to define what they really want!

Effective Talent Management

Help your Client's get more from their people now - learn new strategies and a seven step process to get employees striving to add more value to their organisations

Overcoming Time Issues

Ideas to help clients with a 'Lack of Time' to better leverage their time, to maximise performance