Effective Talent Management

Help your Client's get more from their people now - learn new strategies and a seven step process to get employees striving to add more value to their organisations

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Help your Client's get more from their people now - learn new strategies and a seven step process to get employees striving to add more value to their organisations

On this CD you will…

  • Learn to see where your client may be burning money
  • Learn the 7 steps to putting in place a process that will have their employees striving to add to their bottom line
  • Understand when it is time to liquidate the assets!
  • Understand why most employees aren't motivated by money and how your clients can use this to their advantage!
  • Learn how to apply a 'simmer or boil' approach
  • Develop strategies to put these powerful insights to work for you immediately so that your clients can get more from their people now!
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Can you honestly say that your clients are getting 100% best efforts from the people they employ or manage?  Is it possible that they spending more time worrying about them and managing their people than driving the organisation or business forward?

This CD will give you coaching strategies to help change your clients mindsets, as our discussion blows away some of the outdated ideas we all hold about how we manage the people that work for us!

In our frank discussion, Peter Bernard invites you to help your clients look at their people as assets.  Like any asset, there should be a return on the original investment and Peter explores how this translates into managing a workforce.  Effective Talent Management provides strategies to help your clients shift their thinking and consider the potential that each of their employees has to offer beyond the job they were employed to do!

Laying bare some of the ideas that are held around employment, Peter steps us through his ABC of building a solid process for managing the talent in any business, and then the seven steps for putting a talent management plan into action for massive organisational benefit.

This programme provides practical coaching tools, as well as theory, that you can use when working with clients. Within the audio we include an example of a coached exercise that you can use to help your clients improve their talent management. There is also a debate and discussion about how to apply these ideas in a range of different client situations.


Here's what other coaches have to say about this programme...

"I found some of Peter's ideas a bit challenging the first time I listened to the CD, but on reflection his thinking was sound and it has given me the confidence as a coach to push back more on my clients when they start to 'complain' about their team. I now have specific strategies and exercises I can use with them which have helped to really change their thinking. The Bonus exercise has also been an invaluable resource with almost every one of my clients who manages a team. I would highly recommend this programme."


Business Coach, Bristol


About the Experts on this CD

On this programme Dominic Ashley-Timms, your host, interviews a leading talent management expert and one of the UK’s leading Business Coaches, Peter Bernard, to share with us the key strategies to get the most out of those working for us. He also hosts a discussion with Martin Goodyer and Laura Ashley-Timms about applying these concepts in different client situations.


Peter Bernard is a leading Business Coaches and an expert on Talent Management and Recruitment. During his career, Peter has run one of Europe’s largest headhunting companies and a major firm of business psychologists working with top international clients around the globe. His vast experience means that he is in constant demand advising both UK and International clients on how to unlock the massive potential within their employees. He also coaches senior executives seeking support in managing their careers, and coaches business owners to help them adapt their mindset and their processes to ensure that employees will contribute at their highest level!.

As two of the UK’s leading Business Coaches, Laura Ashley-Timms and Martin Goodyer ensure that all the information that Peter shares with you can be broken down into a specific exercise you can use with your clients as well as exploring the subject in further depth and discussing how the ideas and concepts might be applied in different coaching situations. 

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What is included in Effective Talent Management?

  • Your CD or MP3


  • Your Workbook

    Which includes your coached action plan and additional resources around the subject


  • Bonus Materials

    Bonus 1  - 'What motivates you' exercise - that will help your client's identify the key motivators of all their team (included in your workbook)


    Bonus 2 - An additional Welcome CD or MP3 that explains how to get the most out of this programme


  • Optional Bonuses

    Bonus 3 – 1-Month free trial membership to Maintaining Coaching Excellence - normally £39.77+ vat per month

Our Guarantees

This programme is GUARANTEED 100% RISK FREE


  • If after listening to the programme and completing the step-by-step exercise yourself (or with a client) you cannot determine actions that you can implement to add genuine value to yourself or your clients, you can return the programme within the first 30 days for a 100% no quibble, no hassle refund.
  • We guarantee we shall make it easy for you to use these materials to further develop yourself as a coach.
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