Clients, Case Studies and Testimonials

Between us, our Business Coaches have worked with over 5,200 different businesses so it shouldn't surprise you to discover that our Clients come from all sectors within the Business and Corporate world, ranging from start-up entrepreneurs, to large corporates and Public Sector organisations.

We have provided a sample list of our clients to demonstrate their diversity within the Coaching Clients page of the website.

What all our clients have in common is that they recognise they want to be even better than they are now and are ambitious for fast results. They recognise that working with Notion’s Business Coaches will help accelerate their success.

Our business coaching clients are typically either MD’s or Directors themselves, running their own businesses, or members of Senior Management teams being groomed to take on even greater responsibilities.

All of our clients are already successful in their own right and are interested in growing and improving both themselves and the bottom line of their businesses further.

Within this 'Clients & Case Studies' section we have provided information from our Clients perspectives:

Both of these pages are split into different sized organisations so that you can refer to the case studies and testimonials that are most relevant to you and your company. Coaches - on Supervision, Coaching or Coach Training

They include:

  • Managing Directors of SMEs - on Business Coaching
  • Senior Executives - on Executive Coaching
  • Public Sector Organisations
  • Coaches - on Supervision, Coaching or Coach Training

"Challenged my opinions of how to perform as a coach, in order to best facilitate the problem solving of the coachee, versus solving the problem myself."

Manager, National Express

"A great introduction to some practical coaching tools that will make a huge impact to both my professional and personal life."  

Senior Manager, National Express

Please don't just take our word for our ability to deliver outstanding business coaching, read what our clients have to say about our services, what we are like to work with and the sort of results to expect. 

We can also provide client references should you require them.

If you would like to start delivering outstanding results for your organisation contact us now and to arrange your FREE Consultation or call us on 01926 889885.

Something to think about

“Coaching takes a holistic view of the individual: work, corporate values, personal needs and career development are made to work in synergy, not against one another.”
British Journal of Administrative Management

“A study featured in Public Personnel Management Journal reports that managers (31) that underwent a managerial training program showed an increased productivity of 22.4%. However, a second group was provided coaching following the training process and their productivity increased by 88%. Research does demonstrate that one-on-one coaching is of value.”
F. Turner, Ph.D.