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This area of the website provides an overview of our Business Coaching Services, but before you view the various pages that follow we thought it was worth a paragraph to explain how our business coaching differs from perhaps other companies and other independent coaches.

Our Director of Coaching, Laura Ashley-Timms was invited by NatWest to coach a NatWest business client and his team for a day. 

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Business Coaching the 'Notion Way'

All of our coaching is designed to transform the performance of the business owner, however we fundamentally believe that any interaction should also be beneficial for the organisation too!

Our primary focus is business growth, or helping an organisation to achieve significant performance improvements, and therefore we design programmes that align the business owners individual goals with the organisational commercial goals.  This ensures we can guarantee an ROI from every coaching interaction we have.

All of our programmes are bespoke and designed to deliver the best ROI for your investment.  However small or large your budget, we have a range of programmes that will generate the results you want!

So don't delay, call us now on +44 (0)1926 889885 or contact us and we'll call you back to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Having worked with over
5,200 businesses as coaches, and also run our own business, we really do understand the pressures that business owners face every day!

The time I have spent with Martin has seen Orton Electrical not only survive the recent recession but also thrive in a declining and difficult construction based market. We have had our hard times however with the support of Martin I have made the correct decisions. Orton Electrical in this time has grown from one fragile company to three thriving companies employing in excess of 30 employees and increasing. Thank you Martin for being my coach

Andy Lowe, Managing Director, Orton Electrical

Laura is truly inspirational. I have been impressed not only by her business savvy, but her ability to help implement the proposed solutions. She can be hands on, inside your business, or on the periphery providing the direction. Her understanding of contemporary/technological working methods means that she can apply her processes to SMEs and larger organisations. Highly recommended.

Adrian Smith, Business Owner, ASPL

Do any of the following ring true for you?

  • I am working harder than ever and believe I should be able to generate more profit
  • I know I could benefit from getting support but there's no spare cash in the business right now
  • I don't have enough time to take time out of the business to get coaching, even it it was helpful
  • I know what I have to do I just never get around to doing it
  • It's not possible to get more out of my staff
  • To grow I need to increase the size of my team and I'm not sure I want to do that
  • I've lost my motivation and passion for the business

If any of these statements have pricked a nerve then please do read on. We can work with you in a host of different ways. Our primary focus is typically to help you drive business growth and profitability, although there are many other benefits to our business coaching.

One of our original objectives in setting up was to be able to bring the calibre of coaching and mentoring talent previously reserved for the boards of major corporates to Business Owners running companies of all sizes, with coaches who also understand the issues and pressures faced in running smaller companies, where there are far fewer, if any, support structures. We therefore insisted that all our business coaches have personal experience running SME's, as well as a track record of outstanding results working with Business Owners.

Whether you are running a business that is just starting up, or growing a business to £100m we should be able to help you accelerate your business success. 

Our business coaching programmes can be designed to fit any budget from  £40 to £3000 + a month, based on the type of coaching support you require, as well as the frequency and style of the interaction. So price should never be used as an excuse to not take action!

"I've reflected a lot about coaching and how it affected me.... it was brilliant!  I've raved about how positive the experience was for me."

Brett Schlesinger, Owner/Director, Drumcafe UK

All of our programmes are also designed to deliver a significant return on investment as attested by many of our clients, and we don't hold you to any long term contracts as we believe in working month to month deliver outstanding value to you every session.

Here are some examples of what other business owners have said about their experiences working with our business coaches:

"The personal and business benefits gained from coaching with Cathy were invaluable. The techniques she introduced me to helped me reach sound conclusions on issues I was dealing with. There was no real requirement to understand the type of business I run, more the way I run it or want to run it, therefore our time was maximised in dealing with the key objectives I wanted to improve on or problems I encountered where I needed a voice of reason to help see the way forward. This was a true partnership in every sense of the word."

Claire Lawson, Managing Director, Camm & Hooper

"Lucy's business coaching has been instrumental in my business development. I have regained clarity, focus and motivation to take my company from strength to strength. I have been able to prioritise my tasks, develop my team and focus on money generating activities. I particularly value the marketing brainstorm sessions which were followed up by action taking. Thank you!"

Anneli Nix, Tinies Childcare

"Laura, I would like to record my appreciation of your excellent business coaching over the last 12 months. I have found your understanding of the ‘business problem’ refreshing and the strategies we have developed together have given my business renewed purpose and direction. On a more personal note, the ability to simply share my concerns with a business minded peer has given me more peace of mind! With the recession beginning to bite I am certain that your involvement with this business means that we are better placed to ride it our and succeed in the future"

Peter Sabel, Managing Director, The Merit Badge & Regalia Company

"Marshmallow Creative and Notion have proved to be a scrumptious Michelle Sommerville Business Coaching Testimonialcombination! Taking action and seizing an opportunity are now part of my daily to-do list. Working with Laura Ashley-Timms has changed the way I think as a business leader enabling me to put plans in place which take both myself and the Marshmallow brand to the next level - thank you Laura!"

Michelle Sommerville, MD, Marshmallow Creative,

"Sue, this is just a short note to thank you for facilitating our group mentoring sessions, your pro active engagement has enhanced the process, fostered good relationships and enabled focus on meaningful outcomes. Your ability to promote and keep the sessions enjoyable and significant, with a light touch, and an ability to know when not to speak or say too much, is a rare talent. Thank you once again."

Paul Carter, MD, Panache Commercial Furniture Ltd

Please read the full version of these coaching testimonials or take a look at some of our business case studies with examples of how we have helped other business owners over the years.

We offer a free initial consultation with our Director of Coaching and an opportunity of a 'chemistry' session with your business coach, before you have to part with a penny - so please do pick up the phone to see how we can help you grow your business or contact us today by email for your completely free coaching consultation.

Do you believe your Business has more potential and could become outstanding?

Business Coaching can help you and your business achieve your full potential.

Click here to read some of our business coaching case studies to see how other companies have benefited from Business Coaching or read some of our client testimonials.

Our business coaching is very commercial and results focused and geared toward coaching for business growth.

Could you benefit from having a business coach in your corner who passionately believes in you and continually motivates you to succeed? Your Business Coach only has your goals on their agenda and will tailor every coaching session to ensure you stay focused, motivated and take action! Success always follows.

Learn more about our Business Coaches and then contact us to meet with a Business Coach of your choice or request a Free Coaching Consultation with our Director of Coaching, who will match you to the best fit coach based on your business needs.

Are you still using the tough economy as an excuse for poor business growth, and know deep down you could do better?

This may sound a tad direct, but sometimes the difficult questions have to be asked, and when you're running a business there's often no one in a position to challenge you. Your Business Coach will both challenge and motivate you, giving you strategies to become the best you can be. There's no where to hide and no room for excuses! Your Business Coach will be with you every step of the way, helping you deliver outstanding results and making sure you have fun too! If you'd like to share the experience with like-minded Business Owners, why not join our Group Coaching programme?

Why not start improving today by reading some of our business coaching articles, signing up to receive our FREE fortnightly Business Tips, watching our video sharing the '13 biggest reasons to consider Business Coachingor simply pick up the phone and call 01926 889885 for a chat or drop us an email through our contact us link.

Would you like your business to generate greater profits that fully justify your efforts?

Our Business Coaching is focused on your bottom line. If you are interested in growing your business then please book a free business coaching consultation to learn more or download our article 'The Truth about Business Coaching'.

Don't just take our word for it, read some of our Business Coaching client testimonials evidencing that our coaching works and can deliver profitable growth rates between 30-100%.

If you are not already achieving these business growth rates then call us now on 01926 889885 to schedule your free business coaching consultation.

Are you concerned that Business Coaching is just an indulgence and not a great commercial investment? 

You should be concerned. Before you embark on a Business Coaching programme you need to think through this critical question: "What would need to happen to make business coaching a great investment for me or my business?". It's almost always one of the first questions we ask any potential client. We typically look to identify clear measurable targets for all our bespoke coaching programmes so that you never have to worry whether or not this in an indulgence. We take a direct approach to our coaching and our main focus is ensuring we are delivering great value, and an excellent return on investment to you every session, so that you achieve your business goals faster.

We also have a wide range of options and flexibility within our programmes so can suggest a business coaching programme to meet any budget. Please do pick up the phone and call us on 01926 889885 or email us to learn more. 

We offer a complimentary coaching consultation with our Director of Business Coaching so please do pick up the phone for a chat, and call 01926 889885 or contact us via email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Something to think about

"Business coaching is attracting America’s top CEOs because, put simply, business coaching works. In fact, when asked for a conservative estimate of monetary payoff from the coaching they got… managers described an average return of more than $100,000, or about six times what the coaching had cost their companies."

"I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out the skills or talent that was previously hidden within an individual, and which invariably finds a way to solve a problem previously thought unsolvable."