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We are often asked if we can support Entrepreneurs in start up businesses with our Business Coaching Programmes.

The perception is perhaps that we only have the experience working with highly established businesses or maybe the belief that our programmes will be out of reach on a financial basis for entrepreneurs in start up situations? Neither of these are correct though...

For the record - working with Entrepreneurs is a particular passion of ours!

Our direct, pragmatic and action orientated coaching has supported many entrepreneurs achieve success quickly and effectively.

This page is designed to explore the different ways we can help you develop your business if you're a business owner with a new, or fledgling, business.

So, how can we help you?

I have experience in business and resources to invest in the business. I want to grow the company at a rapid pace, into a significant organisation. 

If this sounds like you then most of our face to face bespoke business coaching programmes would work for you, irrespective of your 'start-up' mode. It may be a choice between level of investment, frequency and time available to follow through with the actions - which is why we have designed some specific 'starter' programmes.

As with any client looking for bespoke coaching we welcome a personalised consultation to discuss your specific needs and match you to one of our business coaches who we believe has the most potential to help you reach your goals the fastest. Pick up the phone and call 01926 889885 to schedule a free coaching consultation.

"Peter has helped me to grow my business from its start to a position of significant income and profitability as of today."

Iain Mackintosh, Owner,

I have limited resources, some business experience and I am time starved, doing everything for myself and need to make a business break through

If this sounds more like you then you may find our Business Success Strategies for Start-ups programme is more suitable.

This monthly audio coaching programme is aimed specifically at entrepreneurs who are thinking about, or have just started a new business.  It is a version of our Business Success Strategies programme, however the modules have been re-ordered to be more suitable for new businesses.  To learn more about the audio programme, or to take us up on our half price trial offer click here.

This monthly audio programme can be combined at low cost with telephone coaching to help you implement all the ideas generated through listening to the audio's into your business.

business coaching

"Cathy's unique blend of personal development and entrepreneurial business expertise has been instrumental in helping me to envision, design and realise personal and professional growth that now complement – and no longer conflict with - each other. It's very liberating to be so focused on growth."

Leslie Boscheratto, start-up entrepreneur

I have no resources and limited experience, and need help now getting my ideas off the ground

If this sounds like you there are two ways we can help you.

As a minimum you can sign up for our FREE business tips which will give you some support and ideas as you strive to get the business of the ground and feel welcome to use any other of our free resources around the site.

If you are serious though about starting to make the breakthrough then perhaps you need to think seriously about making a tiny investment in your future. There are a couple of ways you can do this:

a) Invest in our brand new audio "Bullet Proof your Business Start-up", part of our Business Success Strategies audio's.  Listen to the audio and we'll show you how to save a fortune on your start up and where to focus your time to ensure your business start-up is a success!


b) Sign up for our half price trial of Business Success Strategies for Start-ups - you have nothing to lose during the trial period (and we've included a copy of Bullet Proof your Business Start-up in the trial) and if you think it will help you grow your business then the investment of the 'bronze' membership is only £49.77 + vat per month which should be manageable for anyone who is really  serious about their business


c) Select the particular modules that you think will help you the most, on an ad hoc basis eg. low or 'no' cost strategies to get the cash in quickly, how to make sales irresistible to your potential customers, learn the ninja website secrets to ensure your website really works etc. Visit our shop for more information on the specific modules available.

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Business Success Strategies Testimonials

"Who exactly seeks out a coach? Winners who want even more out of life."
Chicago Tribune

“If you want to build your business and at the same time have a rewarding personal life, you call a coach.”
Denver Post