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Accredited Coaching Skills - Recommended Reading List

The following reading List is highly recommended for all candidates on our STAR®, Operational Coaching Practitioner (OCP®) Accredited Internal Coach (AIC®) and ILM7 training programmes. 

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We strongly recommend that all learners read the following books:

Coaching for Performance: The Principles and Practice of Coaching and Leadership

Coaching for Performance is the bible of the industry and very much the definitive work that all coaches stand on.

Co-Active Coaching: New Skills for Coaching People Toward Success in Work and Life

by Laura Whitworth, Henry Kimsey-House, Karen Kimsey-House, and Phil Sandahl (Paperback - 15 Feb 2007)

A book owned by most coaches. A good read for those wanting to develop their own coaching skills – perhaps to try new ways to help support and develop your team.

Influence: Science and Practice

by Robert B. Cialdini (Paperback - 23 July 2013)

A classic influencing skills book. Not such an easy read (slightly more academic than a lot of other books here) yet filled with excellent information to help you influence others and also to avoid being overly influenced yourself!

Other Recommended Coaching and Supervision Books:

Coaching Skills for Leaders in the Workplace

by Jackie Arnold

As a leader, senior manager or executive, you are often required to act as a coach or mentor for your staff. This book will enable you to set up coaching programmes that can make a significant difference to staff retention and motivation. It will give you the knowledge and skills you need to encourage your staff to grow so that you can get on with your own essential leadership role

Words That Change Minds: Mastering the Language of Influence

by Shelle Rose Charvet (Paperback - April 2019)

A fantastic read for anybody who communicates with people. It helps you to communicate with people on their term!

Better Thinking for Better Results

by Cathy Lasher (Paperback - Jul 2015)

Drawing on masses of well-researched material into reflective practice, Cathy has developed an accessible model for busy professionals.

Further Techniques for Coaching and Mentoring

by David Clutterbuck & David Megginson (Paperback - May 2009)

A practical, pragmatic guide to the knowledge and techniques you need for successful coaching and mentoring. The authors pick the best from a range of models and frameworks to help you enrich your practice.

Coaching Supervision: Advancing Practice, Changing Landscapes

by Jo Birch (Editor), Peter Welch (Editor) (Paperback - May 2019)

This book is a curated collection of contemporary thinking; presenting cutting-edge contributions from international writers, leaders in the professional field, academics and practitioners who offer a range of accessible applied research, practice examples, case studies, guidelines and reflective prompts to readers.

Humble Leadership

by Edgar H. Schein & Peter A. Schein (Paperback - August 2018)

The more traditional forms of leadership that are based on static hierarchies and professional distance between leaders and followers are growing increasingly outdated and ineffective. As organisations face more complex interdependent tasks, leadership must become more personal in order to insure open trusting communication that will make more collaborative problem solving and innovation possible.

Beyond Goals: Effective Strategies for Coaching and Mentoring

by David Clutterbuck & David Megginson (Paperback - Sept 2016)

Beyond Goals advances standard goal-setting theory by bringing together cutting-edge perspectives from leaders in coaching and mentoring. From psychology to neuroscience, from chaos theory to social network theory, the contributors offer diverse and compelling insights into both the advantages and limitations of goal pursuit.

Coaching That Counts: Harnessing the Power of Leadership Coaching to Deliver Strategic Value

by D. Anderson & M. Anderson (Paperback - Dec 2004)

This book answers three of the big questions now being asked about leadership coaching: (1) What do leaders experience through the process of coaching? (2) What needs to be done to manage coaching as a strategic initiative? and (3) How does coaching add value for individuals and organisations?

Clean Coaching

by Angela Dunbar (Paperback - October 2016)

Clean Coaching provides a different, simple yet highly effective approach to one-to-one facilitation. It is a style, strategy and set of techniques that help coachees gain insight and make changes through discovering more about their own ‘insider’ perspective: of themselves and the world around them. 

Internal Coaching (Professional Coaching)

by Katharine St John-Brooks (Paperback - November 2013)

Internal Coaching: The Inside Story provides a window into the world of internal coaching: the challenges and rewards for the coaches themselves and the ways in which organisations can ensure that they can get best value for money from their investment in them.

Coaching with Impact at Work: Practical and Creative Tools for Coaches, Managers and Individuals

by Gill Graves (Paperback - October 2015)

This book presents a proven toolkit of models, ideas and exercises that are immediately useable to enhance your coaching ability.

Leadership Team Coaching: Developing Collective Transformational Leadership

by Peter Hawkins (Paperback - June 2017)

When the relationships within the team work well and all members have a clear focus, the team is able to achieve goals more easily. Leadership Team Coaching brings together the latest research in leadership teams and team coaching along with numerous examples to illustrate how to develop people from disparate groups into a high-performing team.

Effective Coaching

by Myles Downey

Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart

by Mary Beth A. ONeill (Hardcover - 24 Aug 2007)

All to do with the process of coaching senior executives. This book helps the coach to be tough in tough situations - to coach with both backbone and heart

Performance Coaching: The Handbook for Managers, HR Professionals and Coaches

by Angus McLeod (Paperback - 1 Sep 2003)

A professional book on Coaching in organisations – written more for coaches than clients it goes through and builds on lots of coaching models. A practical book full of tips and tools.

Coaching with NLP: How to be a Master Coach

by Joesph O'Connor and Andrea Lages

Time to Think: Listening to Ignite the Human Mind

by Nancy Kline (Paperback - 4 Dec 1998)

Described as listening to ignite the human mind. We all think we listen well, but do we really? This book helps us to help people improve the way they think, work and live.

Coaching for Leadership: How the World's Greatest Coaches Help Leaders Learn

by Marshall Goldsmith, Laurence Lyons, Alyssa Freas

Neuro-linguistic Programming for Dummies

by Romilla Ready & Kate Burton

From Coach to Awakener

by Robert Dilts

The Coaching Bible

by Ian McDermott & Wendy Jago

How Coaching Works

by Joseph O'Connor & Andrea Lages

Coaching Questions

by Tony Stolzfus

Solution-focused coaching

by Jane Greeene & Anthony Grant

Coaching Solutions

by Will Thomas

The Chimp Paradox

by Steven Peters

The Willpower Instinct

by Kelly McGonaghall

Mastering Executive Coaching

by Jonathan Passmore

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