Guarantee a Return on Investment (ROI) from Coaching

As a specialist business coaching provider, Notion is focused on delivering a measurable ROI to all of its clients and this is especially powerful in commercially focused operational businesses.

Return on Investment is captured throughout all of our programmes. Measures are agreed following stakeholder interviews at the design stage and data is captured typically at multiple points across the delivery including in pre- work, workshop delivery, workshop feedback, best practice capture and examples during supervised follow up circles, and through the on-going embedding and sustainability emails. We also teach the coaches how to measure ROI from their own coaching delivery. 

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Our Focus on Operational Coaching 

One of the reasons Notion is able to deliver such strong commercial results is by embedding Notion’s Operational Coaching Model alongside the more traditional GROW Model. This way we ensure that Notion trained coaches deliver value 95% of the time not just the ‘4 hours a month’ they are formally coaching their assigned coachee. 

"The ROI was very quick – producing measurable improvements in productivity. It is however the improvements in teamwork, leadership, problem solving, confidence levels and approach to motivation and innovation, and the fact that these approaches are now firmly imbedded in the organisation that have been most striking. Thanks Martin.” Steve Simpkins, Deputy Director of Estates and Facilities Directorate, Oxford Brookes University

“The return on investment was fast and tangible – the inspection result was excellent but managers also reported measurable improvements such as increased productivity, better team working, taking a more proactive approach, handling problems better and higher confidence levels. I have no hesitation in recommending Notion and indeed have done so to other organisations." Training and Development Consultant, Birmingham City Council

The Importance of a Coaching Culture

Our research suggests that one of the main reason’s why coaching doesn’t always deliver measurable results is more about the internal set up and original expectations than about the coaching itself. Often, senior managers are not properly educated in the processes which must be followed to make sure that the implementation of a coaching culture produces significant results in terms of return on investment (ROI).

Once implemented, the coaching culture should remain an everyday part of running within the workplace, with scheduled follow-ups and measurable longer-term successes. Encouraging the process of self-improvement to be an ongoing one, businesses continue to see improvement after coaches have left the building. By placing the responsibility for the success or failure of the long-term coaching  outcomes in the hands of your employees, they are likely to rise to the challenge and commit to their individual goals, contributing to an overall success and increased ROI.

Our Coaching delivers a real impact across a number of areas.... 

          Improved Processes                                   Better Labour Management

“Quicker delivery of a project into the business. Once fully embedded it is worth £1m pa savings.” 

“Working with the Operations Team helping them solve their own issues relating to labour management – saved £4m YTD”

         Leveraging Performance                       Creating Win/Win Relationships with                                                                                External Suppliers and Unions

“It allowed me to get the most out of a talented, eager but inexperienced graduate. The completed project probably saved us c£50-£100k. The on- going benefits to the business are unquantifiable.” 

“Long-term issues have been resolved through a change of approach, including certain discussions with trade unions and, what had been reoccurring, weekly delivery issues, including a reduction in operational cost, delivering 11% YOY improvement."

Client ROI Examples

Notion puts in place measures for all of their coaching programmes. Here is an overview of the ROI tracked from some of our most recent client reports. 

Examples of Hard Measures

Notion trained 45 internal coaches with the UK's largest operator of restaurants, pubs and bars. The financial ROI is 37 times the original investment. Benefits of £6 million have already been captured by the business.

Notion worked with a UK and European Passenger Transport Company and trained 6 internal coaches and 100 Manager as Coaches. ROI has already been verified at 5 times delivering a direct benefit of £500,000 to the business a few months into the programme.

Notion worked with a leading global property company, where, whilst not a specific focus of the programme, the ROI  already stands at 59 times the original investment, a benefit of €1.5m 

Notion delivered a programme focusing on senior leadership in a leading global IT and business consultancy business. The programme has delivered an immediate ROI of 99 times the original investment, resulting in an immediate project win of $2million. 

Examples of Soft Measures

  • Better supplier negotiations
  • Resolving trade union issues
  • Turning around poor performance (both stores and people)
  • Reducing annual sickness
  • Dealing better with difficult situations and conversations
  • Improved Delegation
  • A flyer with further information about our general approach to CPD and Supervision for internal coaches
  • A short video and document introducing Notion

Analysis shows that 70% of all coaching conversations held by Notion trained managers are centred on solving business problems and 30% on improving relationships 

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