Coaching Supervision - How to Look After the People Looking After You

Reports indicate that only 50% of Coaches undertake post-qualification Coaching Supervision. 

In any other circumstances this statistic would be concerning, but in the current crisis situation, it’s potentially disastrous, because, as well as being an important tool to maintain, sustain, and develop good practice, Supervision also serves to protect the health and wellbeing of the Coach and their Coachees.

What does this mean for organisations relying on Internal Coaches?

The current pandemic is likely to increase the urgency, frequency and intensity of your Internal Coaches’ coaching sessions; we know that COVID-19 is creating heightened issues around health and wellbeing. As a result your Coaches will be confronted with issues they haven’t experienced before while also simultaneously having to process their own fears and concerns.

How can Supervision Help?

Now more than ever, Supervision is the much-needed safeguarding measure that will help your Internal Coaches continue ‘looking after’ you during these unprecedented times.

Having the opportunity to debrief in a safe space will be essential for the wellbeing of your Coaches.

When everything is effectively in chaos, the line between right and wrong may be more blurry than usual for your Coaches. During Supervision, your Coaches can discuss information that is troubling them without breaching the confidentiality of the coaching relationship. They can also talk about issues that have been raised during coaching that makes them feel uncomfortable or worried.

Supervision sessions will give your Coaches the chance to vent their frustrations and to talk about problems, difficult relationships or awkward situations, in a confidential setting with a qualified Supervisor. This will help your Coaches deal with the potential stresses and pressures brought about by the sheer scale of change and provide them with the support they need to continue to coach and support others in the most effective, safe and healthy way possible.

Your Coaches can also refer to their Supervisor to quickly learn new tools and techniques, or refresh existing skills that will help them navigate these brand new situations. This is a very individualised and practical way of learning that can happen at the point of need when it is most needed. With this level of support, your Coaches will be more equipped to help others engage with the changes they’re experiencing which will accelerate your people’s ability to adapt and contribute.

Importantly, expert coaching Supervision will not only help to raise the standard and impact of coaching across your organisation, but it will also safeguard your Coaches and your Coachees at a time when the stakes are extremely high.

So let us help you look after the people looking after you.

As global experts in CPD and Supervision we can offer you a completely bespoke and 100% virtual Supervision programme led by some of the most experienced Supervisors in the UK. We can tailor our programmes around your specific needs and we can deliver the very highest quality group or 1-to-1 sessions, or a combination of both, for all of your Coaches completely remotely without losing any of the personal touch of live sessions.

Yes, coaching is a skilled discipline but to do it well your Coaches need more than just qualifications; they also need expert support to maintain exceptionally high levels of integrity, wellbeing, self-esteem, agility and responsiveness especially in these most challenging of times.

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