Supervision & CPD for Coaches

Innovative Continual Professional Development for Coaches

At Notion we are committed to not only delivering outstanding Business Coaching but also raising the standards throughout our profession and are lucky enough to have some of the UK's most experienced Coach Trainers and Supervisors in our team.

We are therefore delighted to be able to offer a wide range of Supervision & CPD options to our client organisations.

Sue's a great listener and picks out the essentials, explores them, and help identify creative solutions to problems. I’ve never felt Sue told me what to do, but enabled me to see challenges in a new light."

Rosalind Duhs, Internal Coach, UCL

There are a number of ways that both Supervision and CPD can be approached pending your specific objectives and your budget!

The starting point is to determine the key outcomes you want to achieve, how much support you want to offer (time investment) and an approximate budget and we would work to design a bespoke programme that works to your criteria.

Our services include: 

  • CPD Masterclasses, Workshops and Webinars
  • 1-to-1 Supervision
  • Group Supervision (virtual & face to face)
  • Our audio programme; Maintaining Coaching Excellence

"I really enjoyed the programme, especially the supervision session and thought it was the best I had been too! I believe Notion have raised the bar on our thinking and approach to coaching supervision in Sainsbury’s. As one of the original coaches from the first cohort I feel refreshed and inspired by this new learning experience.”

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“Notion Business Coaching have provided me with a fresh way of thinking about my coaching practices and style. The emphasis on providing sufficient time for reflecting on the quality and outcomes of coaching sessions has been a particularly valuable insight and I have found the quality and experience of the supervision to be exemplary.”

by Head of Corporate Security, Sainsbury's

Coaching Supervision

Watch a clip of one of our Trainers explaining the objectives of Supervision for Internal Coaches

There are no rules about what a standard supervision programme might look like, the final design is normally driven by four factors; your budget, logistics i.e coach locations etc, organisational culture i.e group work vs individual, and internal pressures e.g shift patterns, diary conflicts etc.

We therefore structure programmes that could include all or any of these four types of Supervision.

  • Group Supervision is a facilitated, formal group supervision session where between 6-8 supervision rounds may take place during the session facilitated by a senior Notion Supervisor and further learning explored.
  • Virtual Group Supervision is a formal supervision session where participants take it in turns to be supervised by a Notion Senior Supervisor. 
  • 1-to-1 Supervision is a formal confidential 1-to-1 supervision session.  This format is most important when you need to discuss a confidential matter that has come up during a coaching session that would be inappropriate to discuss in front of other coaches in the organisation.
  • Peer Supervision is a more informal option run without a qualified supervisor. It works better with experienced coaches but can offer a way to increase supervision hours if supplementing a formal supervision programme where budgets are tight.

Coach CPD Workshops & Webinars

We are lucky to have some of the most experienced coach trainers in the UK within our team and as such there are a wide range of workshops and webinars we are able to offer our clients to help keep their Internal Coaches skills sharp and relevant. 

Here is an example list of some of the workshops / webinars we can offer - please note, this is not an exhaustive list:

"I now feel really confident about coaching and more specifically how I can improve team performance."

Internal Coach, Mitchells & Butlers
  • Reflective Practice
  • Introduction to Supervision
  • Coaching the Team
  • Advanced Team Coaching
  • Goal Setting & STAR Coaching
  • An Introduction to Mindfulness
  • Clean Language
  • Unlocking the Mysteries of Leadership
  • Building Resilience and Mindfulness
  • Coaching in Academia
  • Advanced Communication Tools
  • Stepping outside your Comfort Zone as a Coach
  • Supporting Coachees to develop Gravitas
  • Helping Coachees Leverage their Time

... plus many more!

Watch a clip of our CPD webinar 'Understanding Personality Types as a Coach'

This webinar was recently delivered to a group of Internal Coaches within a client organisation

If you are interested to learn more about how Notion can support your cadre of Internal Coaches please call us on +44 (0)1926 889885 or click the button below to request more information.

Maintaining Coaching Excellence

Our Maintaining Coaching Excellence Programme is designed by some of the UK's leading business and executive coaches.

It is an innovative (and affordable!) modular programme of continual professional development that will help coaches of ALL levels increase their standards and add more value to their clients.

Each Module lasts about 1 hour and contains an easy to listen to interview with a leading coach or business expert, followed by a discussion with two leading coaches identifying the practical applications from the interview in different client settings.

This programme can be delivered as physical CDs, MP3 downloads or Webinars.

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