Do You Hate Your Job?

After the New Year festivities, how did you feel about going back to work? Were you feeling rejuvenated and biting at the bit to get back or were you filled with dread at the prospect of spending your 9-5 (and the rest, we hear you!) in a job you hate?

While the new year provides some people with the impetus for resolutions and renewal, for others it magnifies everything that is going wrong in their careers causing them to catastrophise; what were once mild irritations turn into major traumas almost overnight, worsened only by the plentiful ‘I’m living the dream’ insta stories and other social media intrusions.

But remember what they say about comparison being the thief of joy...your career is about you - not them - so don’t get distracted with what other people are doing and stay focused on yourself. In reality, January is just like any other month of the year so there’s no need to feel guilty if you haven’t got it all worked out yet. Despair will get you nowhere - you have plenty of time to find your own way.

That doesn’t mean you should do nothing. Let your feelings of discontent be a signal to you that you have to take stock of your situation, new year or not. That doesn’t mean throwing in the towel and marching out of the building and starting a new life as a veganic farmer, but it does mean you have to answer some hard questions about how you ended up where you are and be prepared to make some changes, however small.

So what’s bothering you?

Can you answer yes to any of these questions?:

  • Are you in a great job but you don’t like your boss?      Yes/No
  • Are you in an unsatisfactory job but your company is great?      Yes/No
  • Do you feel out of your depth?      Yes/No
  • Are you capable of doing the job but overwhelmed by the workload?      Yes/No
  • Are you bored?      Yes/No
  • Do you feel like a misfit in the company culture?      Yes/No
  • Is the environment you work in toxic?      Yes/No
  • Do you feel unable to speak up about breaches of values, trust or respect?      Yes/No
  • Are you working hard but getting no recognition?      Yes/No
  • Is your home life suffering as a result of your job?      Yes/No

You wouldn’t be alone. According to Gallup’s World Poll, 85% of people hate their job and the factors most commonly cited by people leaving jobs include issues around the relationship they have with their boss, opportunities for development, reward and recognition, flexibility and incompatible company cultures.

If the problem is as big as reported, surely you’d risk jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire if you don’t develop the skills, tools and strategies to manage through these issues before making a rash decision about what to do next or where to do it.

So, what can you do NOW?

Firstly, don’t expect others to manage your career for you. If you do, you will always be limited by other people’s view of the world. If you really want to put a rocket under your career, take a proactive, pragmatic and reflective approach, which can be achieved by keeping these 5 questions in mind.

But don’t feel like you have to do it alone. Career coaching is a fantastic and completely neutral way to help you get to grips with what you really want from your career. With the help of a Coach you can hone in on your strengths and abilities and learn how to make them work for you. Together, you can set meaningful goals and develop strategies that will help you to overcome obstacles and enable you to take advantage of more fulfilling opportunities.

Once you untie the new year millstone from around your neck, you will see your options more abundantly and more clearly. Whether you want to improve skills, deal with difficult relationships, push for promotion, champion change or take a completely new direction, having the support of a Coach will encourage you to achieve your goals and help you to learn to love your job again.

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