Since the beginning of this pandemic we’ve seen monumental changes to the way we work. Many organisations have had to quickly reinvent themselves and accelerate brand new ways of operating, that prior to Covid-19, would have been dismissed as nigh-on impossible in such a short period of time. The speed at which new strategies, processes and practices are being put in place is testament to the adaptability of organisations when they’re put under immense pressure.

But as we prepare to come back to some form of new reality what have you done to equip your managers to ensure future success?

With many organisations taking the decision to suspend or postpone training during these unprecedented times, here are just a few of the many issues that managers are being confronted with despite having no additional training to cope with them:

Managing remote teams

Managers have had to quickly embrace technology to help them manage their teams remotely and, for many, using video conferencing has enabled a much-needed level of business continuity. But in the rush to get teams online and operational, have enough questions been asked about whether managers actually have the skills they need to successfully engage, motivate and manage in this new remote setting and harness the creativity and talent of their teams?

Helping people through change and uncertainty

It’s important not to underestimate the role that managers are currently playing in helping people through change and uncertainty. The pace of change is staggering and managers are dealing with the fall-out, often without any additional support, despite having never experienced change of such magnitude.

Preparing people to pivot

Amid all the talk about pivoting back to business, managers are expected to do the very real job of preparing their teams, practically and emotionally, for major change even before they have grasped for themselves what that might look like or what they could do differently to ensure success. It’s possible they’ll be asking more from less people so how will they learn to positively and proactively harness the talents around them to ensure they deliver?

Safeguarding their own health and wellbeing

The mounting pressure on managers to respond to all of these commercial changes (on top of any personal impact they may be experiencing) could have major consequences for their own health and wellbeing which begs the question: What support strategies are being put in place to ensure managers don’t succumb to these pressures?

It’s impossible for us to know what the final impact of Covid-19 will be on our lives or what measure of normalcy we can expect, but nor can we afford to wait and find out.

Managers deserve to be effectively equipped with the brand new skills they’ll need to deal with everything that Covid-19 is throwing at them right now.

So don’t wait until ‘after Covid’ to get your managers the support they need. This is the time to help your leaders and managers to prevail in their challenges and overcome the impact of COVID-19 by:

  • Helping them to generate new levels of flexibility and adaptability that they may never have exercised before
  • Developing their communication skills so that they can foster high levels of trust and engagement in the most difficult of circumstances
  • Enabling them to respond with agility and search-out the most creative solutions to new problems
  • Helping them to deal with highly complex and emotionally heightened situations
  • Strengthening their resolve to make tough decisions that affect the work, lives and wellbeing of everyone in their teams
  • Enabling them to work effectively in new teams with new goals
  • Supporting them through their own feelings of anxiety, stress and overwhelm that are so often forgotten at a leadership level

Have you done enough to equip your managers for this new reality?

What type of support do you need to put in place right now to help your managers through this crisis?

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