How To Be Awesome In A Crisis

Let’s be frank, being in lockdown 3.0 is not the bounce back we secretly hoped for!

In fact, it seems that being in a perpetual state of crisis is the ‘new normal’ we’re all going to have to get used to - and quick! So isn’t NOW the perfect time for you to figure out how you’re going to perform brilliantly and be awesome in any situation?

Being awesome in a crisis relies on you developing an approach to leadership and management that encourages collaboration, change orientation, innovation, speed, resilience, and agility to flourish in your team - and in your organisation as a whole.

To be truly awesome in a crisis, there are some things you must STOP doing and a few things you really need to START doing right now...

Throughout the pandemic, many managers are failing to grasp how urgently they need to START using these positive and more helpful management traits.

According to a recent report published by the ILM which investigated the impact of effective leadership on an organisation’s ability to navigate through challenging times, almost three quarters of employees say that some part of their company’s leadership fell short of expectations during the pandemic, particularly in areas such as empowering and motivating teams (36%), empathy and emotional intelligence (31%), problem solving (34%) and organisational skills (29%).

The evidence speaks for itself; when we’re under pressure, we over rely on the ‘Managing’ and ‘Doing’ aspects of our roles because it makes us feel productive and in control, and neglect the traits that can really make a difference.

The trouble is, if you don’t STOP relying on these old habits you’ll severely hamper your ability to successfully lead your teams through this and any future crisis.

It’s the ‘Leading’ and ‘Coaching’ aspects of your role that will determine how awesome you are in a crisis, so it’s crucial that you find a way to incorporate these skills into your everyday leadership and management style.

Life isn’t going to bounce back to what we once knew, so you must START doing these things now.

So, how will you make sure you’re awesome in a crisis?

Operational Coaching™ is a proven way to embed sustainable behavioural change so that you can drive high performance and deliver fantastic commercial results, fast.

It’s been shown that when leaders and managers use a STAR® approach, collaboration increases, team performance improves and they step up, become more solutions oriented, more innovative, and they take on more accountability, ultimately making them, you, and your organisation better prepared to weather periods of intense change.

A recent study conducted by the London School of Economics (LSE), reported that STAR® Manager, the 100% virtual, fully blended management development programme that helps leaders and managers build effective Operational Coaching™ skills, delivered an average ROI of over 79 times the programme investment within the first six months, even during the crisis.

Be Awesome!

One of the gifts the crisis has given us is the ability to see the future more clearly. What once seemed futuristic is now very much in the present, and we must continue to keep our eyes wide open not just to the possibility of change, but to the opportunities it gives us to transform.

We now know that this constant state of flux is a new paradigm for which we require an entirely new skill set, and you can’t afford to wait a moment longer to acquire them.

So whilst it might feel counterintuitive to invest in your own development or the development of your managers in the middle of a crisis, acquiring Operational Coaching™ skills is a sure-fire way to ensure that you emerge from any crisis stronger than before. You might be tired, drained and overwhelmed by the road ahead but once you’ve built up the confidence and the capability to succeed during a crisis, you'll come out fighting.

The faster you can acquire these skills the easier it will be and you won’t just bounce back - you’ll evolve.

So make this the year of change in more ways than one and equip yourself, and your management teams, with Operational Coaching™ skills that will help you make sure you’re ready for anything.