White Paper - How To Make eLearning Work

In our latest white paper ‘How to Make eLearning Work’, we will share with you some of the insights we’ve gathered during our intensive two year programme of research and development which culminated in the launch of our groundbreaking, 100% virtual, fully blended, management development programme STAR® Manager.

We hope that our ideas and insights will be useful in guiding others through their own learning journey, and in some way, contribute to the overall quality and effectiveness of eLearning in organisations as a whole.

  • Part 1 looks at the rise of eLearning in the workplace and the limitations organisations need to overcome.
  • Part 2 explores the conditions that need to exist for eLearning to work well.
  • In Part 3, we ask the big questions and give guidance about how to implement eLearning strategies as well as offering a ‘blueprint tool’ that can be used to help design effective eLearning policies.
  • Part 4 explores some future considerations for learning in an online world
  • Finally, in Part 5, we reflect upon how important it is for organisations to re-evaluate their learning and development strategies in order to remain relevant and competitive in the new world.

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