How to Take Control of your Career

Answer this for me: If you could do anything right now to improve your career, what would it be?

I bet there are lots of things that spring to mind. How many of them are about what other people can do for you and how many are about what you can do for yourself?

Crossing your fingers and hoping that other people will come through for you might not be the best strategy for developing your career. Unfortunately, not many of us have a career guardian opening doors at the perfect opportunity and making things happen for us. Most of us have to build our own skills, create our own networks, learn how to influence others, and be ready and waiting to take up opportunities when they are presented.

It can be tough though, can’t it? Going it alone. At times, you might find it difficult to see through a problem, barriers may appear insurmountable, relationships can get very tricky very quickly, and navigating through change can challenge you in ways you’ve never experienced before. It sounds exhausting and joy zapping. It’s little wonder that you sometimes want to take your foot off the career accelerator and just glide.

But, instead of taking your foot off the gas, there is a way to address these less helpful feelings to overcome your challenges, grasp the best opportunities and maintain high levels of wellbeing while you achieve your goals.

The coaching has been outstanding and as a direct result, just one of the benefits is over £3m in additional cost savings! I would give the experience a 10 out of 10!"

Head of Fleet Maintenance, Royal Mail

At Notion, we understand your challenges and goals. Our Executive Coaches have significant high-level senior executive experience themselves and combine the very best of executive coaching and mentoring to ensure your success.


This is what we do. We have spent decades implementing successful executive coaching programmes that are bespoke to the needs of our clients. Our smorgasbord of highly experienced executive coaches can help you with just about anything you need to develop and improve your career.

We will find your perfect match and make sure that you have sizzling chemistry before you even get started so that you feel confident that you can achieve any goal you set your mind to.

Easy to say, harder to do? At Notion, we provide executive coaching that you and your organisation can count on; we do the ‘doing’ and let our clients do the talking.

My coach provided a rare combination of executive business coaching with in-depth psychological knowledge. Touching base on a regular basis with my coach was an excellent way to critically examine oneself and come back to the company with a fresh perspective."

Commercial Director, Air France/KLM

My coach has been instrumental in helping me to "hold up a mirror" to myself in order to see myself as others do. The sessions have been both challenging and very rewarding; the benefits of our work together have been rapidly visible."

Principal & Actuary, Aon Hewitt

Enlightening, provoking, inspiring and reflective, my coach had a great sense of humour and some of the phrases they used to help my understanding will stay with me forever."

Resources Director, Halcrow

Over the 8 months I was working with Notion I really developed in my role. Thanks!”

Group Head, Sainsbury's

Imagine what YOU can achieve with a Notion Executive Coaching programme created especially to help you to achieve your goals and take your career to the next level.

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