Adopting a Coaching Style of Leadership

" are constantly going above and beyond. I feel like there is a genuine learning relationship, not just a head count on an open course."

by Ian Woodward

Ian Woodward, HR Director at Caesars Entertainment UK, joined our ILM Level 7 - Open Coaching Skills Training Programme in 2014. 

We caught up with him to find out what made him come on the programme and his experience so far.

What was the original catalyst for deciding to go on the course?

I had been looking at coaching for a while and there were a number of options out there. I received a positive referral from someone in my network that I trust who had just completed the programme.

What was it that made you choose Notion?

Initially it was the referral, however the reason I have chosen to stay with Notion is because you are constantly going above and beyond. I feel like there is a genuine learning relationship, not just a head count on an open course.

Can you give some examples of specific differences the programme has made to you?

We all know that we should be doing CPD and the programme and relationship with Notion has really helped me improve this. The content of the emails, resources and webinars that I receive from Laura are of real quality so I make the effort of reading everything she sends me.

Recently I had a 3-month secondment into an operational role and the learning really came into its own during this time. Rather than telling people the answers to their questions or giving instructions I seized the opportunity for 'in the moment' coaching, asking questions to their questions as opposed to simply giving an answer. 

Has it had an impact more broadly in your organisation?

Absolutely, a year ago the HR team were operating as HR advisors. But through adopting a coaching leadership style we are now working side by side with properties as business partners. We are proactive, challenging the business model and being strategic as opposed to waiting for an issue to arise and reacting.

Seeing the difference the programme has made to myself and the team has peaked everybody’s interest and we are now going to be running two Leader as Coach programmes internally. The leadership team is fully behind this because they can see that there is going to be a clear ROI.

What would you say your top 3 highlights were so far?

First I would have to say the quality of the coaches Martin and Cathy are exceptional. My second highlight would be the coaching circles; they give a safe and controlled environment to embed the learning and you gain a network of professionals from different organisations, which keeps you sharp. My third would have to be the resources I receive from Notion. 

What would you say to someone thinking about going on the course?

If you not only want to improve as a coach but influence the culture throughout your organisation then do it! Don’t just view it as a stand-alone course; this programme can change your job, working environment, organisation and even your private life!

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