Notion's 'Open' ILM Level 7 Accredited Coach Training Programme


If you want to become an ILM7 Accredited Coach and are looking for a generic course with the intention of getting some letters added to your name, or to tick a box with minimal effort, then stop reading now!

However if you're looking for arguably the best Coaching Skills Training Programme in the UK, that can transform your career and delivers outstanding ROI for your organisation through pragmatic practical application, then read on.

You could be following in the footsteps of Senior HR Professionals from these organisations…

About the ILM Level 7

Notion’s ILM7 Certificate for Executive and Senior Level Coaches and Mentors is an internationally recognised qualification for senior managers that has been designed to deliver a high calibre of confident, highly skilled Executive Coaches. The programme lasts approximately one year, at which point participants will be fully qualified and able to be utilised as Coaches to the highest level within an organisation. 

"We are in the process of creating a global coaching programme for the restructured management team. It is going to be done in-house based on the skills we now have, we could never have done that it we hadn’t had formal training.”

HR Director, Lloyds Register

  • To provide delegates with the skill and tools to deliver 1-1 coaching to individuals at the highest levels within the organisation.
  • To provide delegates with the skill and tools to proactively support the adoption of a coaching culture and deliver ‘on the job’ coaching within their management area .

What are the aims of the Programme?

Why should I come on the programme?

  • Accreditation – you will be certified to deliver coaching sessions within your organisation with the full ILM Level 7 Certificate for Executive and Senior Level Coaches and Mentors. 
  • Outstanding Tutors - the programme is taught by some of the UK’s most experienced and well-respected Executive Business Coaches.  All the theory is therefore translated into real live coaching examples and case studies, adding a wealth of context and knowledge to aid an exciting learning experience.
  • Return on Investment – Notion’s approach is unashamedly pragmatic; continually bringing the focus back onto the commercial contribution to your business. We ensure we demonstrate real value and tangible ROI from every programme we run.

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What our clients say …

"I want to let you know how pleased I have been with the decision to choose Notion.  I procrastinated over which Coaching course to take for 2 years - none of them came with Amazon stars and independent user reviews.  I finally took the plunge, and the experience has been everything I had hoped for."  

"Notion’s knowledge and level of professionalism is outstanding. They design and deliver products to an exceptionally high standard. The emphasis they place on ROI means they have provided solutions that are effective, business focused and measurable. They have been fantastic to work with."  

“As a result of the training I now have a more engaged team who are beginning to own their own results and feeling empowered.  My performance is ahead of my peers and has improved since I have begun to become a better coach.”  

“The 4 days of workshops, supervised and unsupervised coaching circles along with the fantastic materials and toolkits have been undoubtedly the most professional and satisfying personal development experiences of my last 10 years at UCL.  Knowledgeable, helpful and extraordinarily gifted coach-leaders have enhanced the experience hugely.”