Notion's 'Open' Operational Coaching Practitioner Programme


Wanting to test Notion and give a handful of your managers operational coaching skills that they can use everyday, in the moment, on the job....

Skills that can't be achieved from the GROW model alone, which is after all, an Executive Coaching model. 

Notion's Open Programme is the perfect way to 'test the water' and take your first steps towards embedding a coaching culture within your organisation.

Next Programme Start Dates:
October 2020

You could be following in the footsteps of Senior HR Professionals from these organisations…

What is Operational Coaching?

Operational coaching utilises what we have come to call an ‘enquiry led approach™’ towards leadership and management where the key is asking the right questions as opposed to ‘telling’. Operational coaching is typically an unstructured conversation ‘on the fly’ that is focused on the matter at hand. Through Operational Coaching our aim is to bring about a sustainable change in behaviour for your managers - improving their all-around communication and people engagement skills as a part of their every-day management style

"One thing that we found from all of our research is that coaching conversations on the fly are typically focused on the matter at hand which makes them highly relevant for business. How do we then take coaching related behaviours and help managers adapt and adopt them into their everyday management style?" Dominic Ashley-Timms, Managing Director, Notion Ltd

Our Operational Coaching Model

One of the things that, as an organisation we became frustrated about was why doesn't coaching break out as a behaviour? Why does it not break out into a recognised management style. We did some research and found that every single coaching model for every single coaching course we could find is an executive coaching model and it sets you out to be an executive coach. All of the models are for the benefit of the coachee in a sit down coaching conversation. There was nothing out there to help managers change their behaviours in a split second. That led to us developing the STAR© Model. The STAR©  model is the first operational coaching model and is designed solely to help managers develop this habitual behaviour.  

Click play to watch our MD, Dominic Ashley-Timms talk about what Operational Coaching involves and how it will benefit your organisation

Benefits of utilising an operational coaching style of leadership …

  • Increased engagement levels, which leads to reduced attrition
  • Increased team performance
  • Better collaborative working skills with peers through improved coaching conversations
  • Learning to ‘manage up’ by asking better questions
  • Helping to find powerful solutions to problems
  • Being better able to work with colleagues from different backgrounds, environments and cultures by adopting a coaching approach
  • Increased customer / client satisfaction by having a higher performing team
  • Being able to leverage the new coaching approach in your customer/client interactions
  • Turning around poor performance
  • Dealing better with difficult situations and conversations
  • Improved delegation
  • Improved client management

... plus many, many more!

What our clients say …

“I have been a manager for a number of years and thought I had been on every coaching & management course ever designed. This course was different in that it utilised some things I knew and some things I didn’t know, however it applied it in a completely different way that I would normally have experienced. It was also regularly punctuated with exercises that really demonstrated how the theory works. I can imagine how using this method could really end up saving me a lot of time in my working day.”

“My manager told me that this course would change me in a positive way. She was right. It has left me with a renewed sense of confidence. I now have the coaching tools that will help me become a better manager. The real winners will be my team and the customers of National Express.”

KPI results improved significantly in my store where I was Deputy Manager, most noticeably around Customer Service and Colleague Engagement. I was promoted this year to Store Manager as a result. In fact my Regional Manager now see's coaching and engagement as my significant strength! Thank you Notion!

"Notion’s knowledge and level of professionalism is outstanding. They design and deliver products to an exceptionally high standard. The emphasis they place on ROI means they have provided solutions that are effective, business focused and measurable. They have been fantastic to work with."  

What are the next steps …

Having completed Notion's Operational Coaching Training Programme you have 2 options for progression;

  • Join our  Accredited Internal Coach Programme and in just 4 months become an Accredited Coach, qualified to deliver 1-to-1 coaching sessions within your organisation. This programme covers a large part of the content and tools of the ILM7 Certificate however excludes most of the research and written work required for the full academic ILM7 programme. It is in effect a pragmatic version of the ILM programme for those that won’t realistically have time to complete the independent study and written elements, but want to be trained as coaches to the same high standards, with no compromises or ‘dumbing down’.
  • Complete our internationally recognised ILM 7 Certificate for Executive and Senior Level Coaches and Mentors (12-18 months) and receive a Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching from the ILM. The programme is designed to deliver a high calibre of confident, highly skilled Executive Coaches and lasts approximately one year, at which point participants will be fully qualified and able to be utilised as Coaches to the highest level within an organisation. 

What's more, if you choose Option 1 you have 3 years to finish the rest of the course to gain the full ILM7 certificate, as the first 4 months training form part of your ILM guided learning hours!

Download the next steps programme overview...