Career Coaching

Career coaching is particularly relevant when you are faced with change; promotion, job change, redundancy and retirement or you might just want to review where you are now.  Our career coaching will help you both identify what you really want out of your career, understand your skills and abilities and then support you in choosing a career that will fulfil you.  Together with your coach, you will set goals and then develop a strategy to achieve the career you really want. It may be progress in your existing organisation, it might require a complete change of direction and you may need to develop or improve some skills.

Some of the areas we may cover are...

  • Improving your progression within your current organisation
  • Setting career objectives, understanding what you ‘perfect career’ might look like and exploring options
  • Discussing potential obstacles, and ways to overcome them
  • Understanding your skills gaps between your current role and ideal next step creating an action plan to fill the gap
  • Stakeholder mapping to achieve your ideal next role
  • Networking and relationship building inside and outside your organisation 
  • Developing gravitas and executive presence
  • Advanced influencing and communications skills
  • For external career changes
    • Create a CV that articulates your skills to potential employers
    • Support you through the job search process
    • Coach you for interviews

Case Study

A talented senior manager was identified as performing below her potential. 1-to-1 coaching identified critical factors for the performance dip. Clarity was created around the individual’s goals and communication was established with the Main Board. We also worked on confidence building, self-esteem, man management, and presentation skills. Within 6 months of the coaching programme our client was promoted to the Board and within 12 months achieved a second promotion to Managing Director of Asia. 

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