BECOMING A LEARNING COACH - Notion's Bespoke Programme for L&D Teams and Specialists

When it comes to recording a measurable impact, organisations are beginning to sense that the myriad self-service, self-directed, bite-sized, user-generated, just-in-time LMS offerings might well be the ‘emperor with no clothes’. In response, L&D are now increasingly ‘content producers’ (“we’re closer to the business”), but without the rigour of cognitive instructional design, may only be compounding a problem which research is revealing; that video-based learning provides only ‘temporary entertainment’ (rather than stimulating actual vocational learning). Couple this with variable learner engagement and poorly articulated policies describing how and when employees should partake of online learning (in particular), and we find L&D once again standing on the precipice of a fundamental overhaul in their role.

The Towards Maturity 2019 Report revealed an alarming gap between the skills L&D teams have today compared to the skills they are going to need in the immediate future. 

If you or your L&D Team don’t already have these skills you will need to quickly acquire them before it’s too late.

To support you Notion has designed a bespoke Coaching Programme to help your L&D Teams close the gap and add more value to the organisation of the future.

Get Ready for the Future

Our programme, designed specifically for L&D, closes the skills gap and helps to add to your role as an L&D Specialist to be able to operate effectively as ‘Learning Coach’.

This course is for you if you want to:

  • Help learners to engage with their development and apply what they are learning
  • Build a set of sustainable and reusable ‘operational coaching’ skills
  • Help to establish a continuous learning culture within your organisation
  • Survive and prosper in today’s highly complex and changeable conditions

The infographic below illustrates some of the ways we can help you become future proof by giving you all the skills, tools and resources you’ll need to survive...

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