Accredited Internal Coaching Programmes

Notion delivers world class coaching skills programmes. Delegates become outstanding, confident, Level 6 qualified internal coaches for your organisation, ready to take on coaching clients in as little as six months after starting the programme. 

"If you not only want to improve as a coach but influence the culture throughout your organisation then go on this programme. Don’t just view it as a stand-alone course; this programme can change your job, working environment, organisation and even your private life!"

Ian Woodward, Group HR Director, Caesers Entertainment

Unlike most coaching qualifications, Notion's Certified Master Coach (CMC) programme combines all the best of the ILM Level 7 Qualification in Executive Coaching and Mentoring with a pragmatic approach, minimising unnecessary academic study, and onerous paperwork, leaving you with highly skilled coaches ready and able to undertake formal coaching assignments.

It is arguably the best Coaching Skills Training Programme in the UK. It can transforms careersdelivers outstanding ROI for your organisation.

5 reasons to choose this programme

Delegates will be trained to a high level of coaching competency so that they can:

  • Deliver formal, ‘developmental’ coaching sessions for bringing on and supporting other colleagues in the business
  • Understand and apply over 30 coaching and leadership development tools
  • Role model ‘on the job’ and ‘in the moment’ coaching techniques as a method of engaging with and inviting from others a higher level of contribution
  • Achieve an Ofqual Level 6 Coaching qualification!
Plus by the end of the programme delegates will:
  • Understand and be trained in the paperwork and processes for contracting with a formal ‘client’
  • Understand how to manage confidentiality in a coaching relationship and how to manage any reporting and 3-way relationships without compromising or breaching any confidentiality
  • Recognise when it is appropriate to coach or use another leadership style
  • Understand how to capture the ROI for their coaching interventions

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Notion's clients give rave reviews...

coaching skills training

"Notion’s knowledge and level of professionalism is outstanding. They design and deliver products to an exceptionally high standard. The emphasis they place on ROI means they have provided solutions that are effective, business focused and measurable. They have been fantastic to work with."

“The programme along with the fantastic materials and toolkits have been undoubtedly the most professional and satisfying personal development experience of my last 10 years at UCL.  Knowledgeable, helpful and extraordinarily gifted coach-leaders have enhanced the experience hugely.”

accredited coach training
accredited coaching course

"I want to let you know how pleased I have been with the decision to choose Notion.  I procrastinated over which Coaching course to take for 2 years - none of them came with Amazon stars and independent user reviews.  I finally took the plunge, and the experience has been everything I had hoped for."  

coaching skills training

“The experiential learning has really enhanced my development & understanding of coaching. Fantastic course allowing me to test out various tools and techniques in a safe environment”
accredited coaching training

“I have found this course to demystify coaching, whilst giving a flexible structure for implementation of coaching into my organisation.  It is lively, engaging and very, very enjoyable.  I now feel that I have the tool kit for becoming a very successful coach.”

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Be Tutored by World Class Executive Coaches

One of the benefits of choosing Notion to deliver your coaching skills training is that our tutors are also some of the world’s most experienced Executive Coaches - so all the theory is translated into real life coaching examples and case studies, adding a wealth of context and knowledge to aid an exciting learning experience.

Not just outstanding coaches and tutors many of them are also experts on coaching specialities like Reflective Practice Lecturers, Authors of numerous coaching books and some of the leading coaching supervisors in the world as well as decades of business experience.

This programme is also available as an 'open' programme for senior leaders. Click here to learn more about the open programme

Why Choose Notion?

We understand that there are a plethora of organisations that deliver internal coach training. We believe there are three specific USPs that Notion’s Certified Master Coach programme delivers to our client’s and that are not found in other accredited coaching training programmes:

We share with you the processes and best practice for the selection of your Coaches

We will share with you our recommended selection criteria of what you should be looking for to ensure you have the most highly engaged group of Internal Coaches, as well as the application process we recommend.

We design and embed paperwork and processes to allow you to track and leverage the ROI of your formal internal coaching programmes without breaching confidentiality

As part of the consultancy and design fee Notion will work with you to create a set of internal processes and appropriate ‘paperwork’ to allow you to manage your internal coaching pool and be able to track the overall ROI it generates. We then embed these processes into the training workshops as the standard operating procedures from day one.

We provide Operational Coaching® Skills that drive performance and deliver commercial results

Leaders and managers on the programme will also be taught the STAR® Model and shown how they can adapt their behaviour so that coaching-related behaviours can become incorporated into their everyday management style. This is in addition to the formal ‘Executive Coaching Skills’ that are covered in depth and means that their coaching skills will spill into their substantive day jobs, alongside the formal coaching they will do as your internal coaches. This alone will rocket the programmes ROI.

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