internal coach training

What's the Qualification?

Notion Accredited Internal Coach Certificate 


9 months


6 Months


Completion of STAR® Manager Practitioner 

+ 2-day virtual interactive workshop 


2 x 1-day virtual interactive workshops

You can join our 'open' programme, run 3 times per year, or we can train a full cohort in your organisation. For more information simply download the brochure.

Who's it for?

This qualification has been developed to support anyone who wants to become a high calibre, operationally confident internal coach within their organisation, and/or someone who would like a future career as a professional Coach and is looking for a pragmatic programme to begin their journey. 

You will need to be operating at supervisory or management level (with or without direct line management responsibility) including up to Senior Management and have a genuine interest in developing others who you don't have direct line responsibility for.

What's the Progression?

This qualification offers learners the chance to progress to further learning on the ILM Level 7 Executive Coach programme. It is also expected you will proactively continue your learning journey as a coach by participating in ongoing Supervision and CPD workshops.

What is Accredited Internal Coach (AIC®)?

Notion's Accredited Internal Coach (AIC®) programme combines all the best of the ILM7 Qualification in Executive Coaching and Mentoring with a pragmatic approach, minimising unnecessary academic study, and onerous paperwork, leaving you a highly skilled internal coach ready and able to undertake formal coaching assignments.

You will become an outstanding, confident and well qualified accredited internal coach for your organisation, ready to take on coaching clients in as little as four months after starting the programme.

You can upgrade to a full ILM7 Executive Coaching qualification up to 3 years after beginning this programme.

At Notion we believe that training should have an impact immediately, so we have broken down the programme into 2 modules, offering you complete flexibility to join a programme that best suits your timeframes and specific needs. 

The AIC® Journey

The first part of your AIC® programme is for you to successfully complete either the OCP® or STAR® Manager Practitioner programmes. You can select your preferred route to AIC® when you complete your registration form.

We have listed below the pro's and con's of each of these programmes to help you decide which 'Module 1' journey is best for you...

internal coach training

OCP® Programme 


  • Live tutor led training
  • Learn with peer group
  • Structured workshop based content

OCP® Programme


  • Fixed start and workshop  dates 
  • Away from home for 2-day workshop
  • Additional travel & hotel costs 

STAR® Manager Practitioner Programme


  • Start immediately
  • Fun bite-sized sessions to fit around your work commitments
  • Reduce carbon footprint

STAR® Manager Practitioner Programme


  • No automatic peer group
  • Need to be self motivated to complete the programme
  • Tutor support is only optional

You will be trained to a high level of coaching competency so that you can:

  • Deliver formal ‘developmental’ coaching sessions for bringing on and supporting other colleagues in the business
  • Understand and apply over 30 coaching and leadership development tools
  • Role model ‘on the job’ and ‘in the moment’ coaching techniques as a method of engaging with and inviting from others a higher level of contribution
  • Achieve a Notion Accredited Internal Coaching qualification!
Plus by the end of the programme you will:
  • Understand and be trained in the paperwork and processes for contracting with a formal ‘client’
  • Understand how to manage confidentiality in a coaching relationship and how to manage any reporting and 3-way relationships without compromising or breaching any confidentiality
  • Recognise when it is appropriate to coach or use another leadership style
  • Understand how to capture the ROI for your coaching interventions

Your Journey Map

internal coach training

Overview of your Journey

internal coach training programme

Once you have successfully completed either the OCP® or STAR® Manager Practitioner programme, you will receive an email from the Client Success Team with all the programme info, programme background, workshop logistics and timings, pre-work and qualification information.

internal coach programme

The workshop (either face-to-face or virtual) includes a number of learning methods: plenary, large and small group discussions, practice exercises and a lots of opportunity for coaching practices on real business and organisational issues. 

You'll deep-dive into Performance Coaching and Communication, practise a wide range of coaching tools with your peers in small groups, be taught how to 'Contract' with clients and how to measure the results from all your coaching programmes.

internal coach programme

Approximately 3 weeks and 6 weeks respectively after your workshop you'll attend a virtual Learning Circle. These are designed for you to share best practice and early wins with 2-3 of your peers, and hear the same from them. You'll also have the opportunity to practice your new skills in a safe environment.

internal coach training

Approximately 3 months after your workshop you'll attend a final Assessed Supervised Learning Circle. Here you will formally coach one of your peers and your tutor will assess your coaching skills. You will need to 'pass' this element in order to gain your qualification.

internal coach training

Finally you'll complete and submit a small amount of written work including revisiting some self assessments, a book review, creating your coaching biography and some guided reflective writing including your learning log. This is not onerous and is mostly completed as you work through the programme.

On successful passing of your assessed coaching session and submission of your final paperwork you'll received your accreditation.

internal coach training
train internal coaches
train internal coaches

What Do You Get With Your Investment?

AIC® is a fully supported development programme. Therefore, in addition to the excellent content and materials you'll work with tutors who are also world class Executive Coaches and also get full programme management support with our dedicated Client Success Team.

Their mission is your success.

Detailed below are the elements included within the programme.

What's Included?

  • OCP®or STAR® Manager practitioner programme and all related materials PLUS...
  • AIC® Workshop: either 2 full days (face-to-face) or 4 x half days (via zoom)
  • 2 x 90-minute peer Learning Circles
  • 1 x final assessed tutor session, via zoom with written feedback
  • 2 additional Workbooks
  • Coaching Card Tools, Box & USB toolkit
  • Online Modules
  • Sustainability programme
  • Dedicated online resource area
  • Lunch and tea/coffee (face-to-face sessions only)
  • Dedicated telephone and email support from the Mission Control Team during office hours (Monday-Friday 8.30am-5.30pm UK)
  • Notion Accredited Internal Coach Certificate on successful completion of the programme
  • Purple STAR badge

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