Joining Notion 

Associate Coaches

We are always looking for outstanding Executive Coaches to join our team of Associate Coaches, Supervisors & Trainers and will consider applications from anywhere in the world:

  • Senior Executive Coaches
  • Coaching Skills Trainers
  • Coaching Supervisors

If you are interested in reading the full information and applying to join us, click the button below to find out more and to complete the application form. 

We take pride in having a world class team so please do check if you meet our joining criteria. If you do, that's great, please complete the application form and we'll be in touch about the next steps.

Everyone who joins us is also invited to attend an Assessment Centre as a final stage of the process and we run these approximately twice a year, so apologies in advance if the next one is a few months away.

Head Office Team

We have a Head Office team based in funky offices in the centre of Leamington Spa. 

If you're interested in joining us click the purple button below to find out more about our current vacancies and the application process.

We're currently recruiting for:

  • LMS Administrator
  • Client Success Assistant
  • Client Success Manager
  • Client Enrolment Managers
  • Project Manager

Further Information for Executive Coaches wishing to join Notion:

To make the process simpler for Coaches wishing to join our team, we thought it might be helpful to outline some of our recruitment processes and some of the basic criteria we look for.

Please note we are not a franchise and do not sell franchises, nor are we a coach training company!

We pride ourselves on the expertise of our Executive coaches and we believe it is one of our key USP's, our minimum expectations are therefore significantly higher than many other organisations and we never compromise.

Prior to contacting us please ensure that you meet ALL of the following minimum criteria:

  • You have Director Level/Senior Management Experience in Business
  • You have outstanding track records of delivering results for your Clients (and can evidence this)
  • You are a fully Accredited Coach with additional relevant qualifications
  • You have run a successful full time Executive Coaching practice for 5 years or more

If you can answer yes to the above then we would be happy to receive an application from you.

If you do not yet meet these requirements you may be interested in looking at our CPD for Coaches Programme and/or want to learn more about our Coaching Supervision


Our recruitment process includes:

  • An application form and video intro
  • A Zoom interview
  • An Assessment Centre including:
    • A Face-to-Face Interview
    • A coaching session with a Notion client
    • Option to showcase a short training session 
  • Telephone conversations with previous clients


If you meet all of the above criteria and would like to apply to join us then do visit our Vacancies page to download our standard application form.

Once you have collated all of the required information, please email it to us at and we will be in contact.

Thank you for your interest in Notion.

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