Senior Leadership Development Programmes

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We have a range of senior leadership development programmes available.

All come with a guarantee RoI and are designed specifically to help you achieve your organisational goals faster.

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Within your organisation, would you like to see:

  • Greater teamwork across the Board?
  • Increased engagement scores?
  • Increased staff retention?
  • Reduced staff sickness?
  • ... and of course, a better bottom line?

Our programmes have done all of these things and more, utilising our Operational Coaching™ model which is incorporated into every programme we design.

Due to the high degree of coaching within all our programmes, All delegates enjoy ‘bespoke’ experiences due to the high level of coaching within all our programmes.

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What is Operational Coaching™?

Coming soon, a clip of our CEO, Dominic Ashley-Timms, talking about Operational Coaching™...

Some Example Programmes

Leader as Coach

for senior leadership teams

Programme Overview: This programme is highly pragmatic and is targeted firmly on leveraging coaching to enhance business performance. The programme is 8-10 weeks in duration and includes a 1-day workshop.

leader as coach, leadership coaching
Programme Objectives: To provide the leadership team with skills and tools to be able to start to proactively accelerate change, leverage performance from their teams and support the adoption of a coaching culture within their area of influence.

Example quoted results:

  • Used more of a coaching style during negotiation of several point of a sales agreement - Saving of €1m-€2m
  • Coached a team member around licensing administration difficulties with a local authority... managed to stop myself solving the problem and turned the whole thing round so the team member clarified the issues and with some appropriate questioning and clarification suggested a solution to the problem which should also improve business efficiency going forward
  • Because our Design & Construction Team found the best way to anticipate the works, we haven't had any claims from tenants onboard - Saving overall €300 -€500k
  • Seen the change in others; they seem more confident in making decisions. as result it gives me more time to take an overview on the business as I'm not as bogged down in fire fighting
  • Signed lease contracts which ends up in a regular cash income for the firm - coaching brought the deal home!
  • Helped our Design & Construction Team to finish their works on buildings with tenants on board and helped the tenants to communicate internally in order to avoid any claims or commercial rent reductions

I had a lot of ideas floating around about how to become an inspirational leader. This course has given me the practical tools and the next steps to follow through and apply what I have learnt in the workplace. Great stuff! Thank you”

by Senior Academic, UCL

Seeing the difference the programme has made to myself and the team has peaked everybody’s interest. The leadership team is fully behind this because they can see that there is going to be a clear ROI.

by Ian Woodward, Group HR Director, Caesers Entertainment

This is a really engaging course with lots of great content which I can now translate into the workplace. It was a great opportunity for the leadership team to interact and support each others development.”

by Head of Finance-Expense Management, International Retailer

Accelerating Change through Coaching

for senior leadership

Programme Overview: To engage in a strategic discussion around the leadership style needed to achieve the organisational growth goals and further develop the board’s cohesive approach towards accelerating change and leveraging performance. The programme is 8-10 weeks in duration and includes a 1-day workshop.

change coaching, leadership coaching
Programme Objectives: To provide the business leaders, with the skills and tools to be able to proactively support the adoption of a more coaching orientated culture across organisation and to contribute significantly to performance improvement.

Example quoted results:

  • Worked with the purchasing team to allow them the space to discover how they might approach negotiations for external events. They decided how it was best to approach and they delivered a good saving
  • Space useage & service coordination on an event... result was great – better use of space and customer flow meaning extra revenue was taken and only 1 person needed (instead of 3-4). Revenue UP, costs DOWN!
  • Closure & relocation of store was causing upset with likely delays and resistance. Turned it around with coaching the tea to think about how they might run the new operation. They organised & set up a slick operation with high morale within 2 weeks. Fast, effective and needed less involvement from me!
  • Coaching used to encourage my Sales Manager to recognise that she is ready to meet new challenges which resulted in her suggesting the way that her role could change to meet these
  • Used coaching on lots of casual staff (an area that previously most had thought was probably not a coaching audience). Casuals were much more engaged, enjoyed themselves much more, worked seamlessly as one of the team, asked less task questions/directions during service and customer feedback was fantastic in terms of overall service experience and the teamwork shown.

The ‘Accelerating Change through Coaching’ course is a great way to look at resolving those complex and difficult issues that you can never seem to find an answer to.”

by Senior Executive, Amadeus

“I am using it in my day to day interactions, helping people go through change, or when they are panicking over things – People are calmer, able to break things down, go away with a plan...and seen them more engaged and supportive as a result”

by Senior Executive, NEC Group

Other programmes that may be of interest to you are our:

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Why choose Notion to deliver your Leadership Development Programmes?

leadership development

Notion are a specialist Leadership Development company and the UK’s leading Executive Coaching and Coach Training Company.

We are committed to helping organisations “change momentum” and all our work is focused on helping clients achieve a fantastic Return on Investment (ROI). 

"Cathy was very flexible and helpful in every way and I am greatly thankful for that. Enlightening, provoking, inspiring and reflective, some of the phrases she used to help my understanding will stay with me forever."

Shirel Saranga, Resources Director, Halcrow

We focus primarily on delivering measurable returns on investment for all of our clients and as such have developed a successful and commercially pragmatic approach to this and are noted for our ‘psycho-babble free’ approach to bringing about results. We believe fundamentally that any coaching intervention should never be an indulgence – but should deliver clearly defined and measurable returns on investment for the sponsoring organisation. We are always focused on helping our clients achieve business growth alongside outstanding performance improvements.

“This course has brought together elements of styles of Leadership and Management I have been using into a very focused and effective style of improving performance,motivation, engagement and satisfaction. Amazing!” Retail Business Manager, Mitchells & Butlers

Our Training and Workshop programmes are highly experiential and include a strong degree of coaching content within them i.e. they are not lecture based and the delegates will be expected to actively participate in the day. They are in fact ‘far more than simple workshops’ as they all include sustainability programmes to embed learning post the workshop itself. All workshops are designed to incorporate your specific organisational language, case studies and live examples from within your organisation.

Each Coach/Trainer has been selected for the experience that they can bring to bear supporting our clients to improve their commercial performance, achieve business growth and managing change within their organisations. The breadth of our team alongside our office support services allow our clients to completely outsource coaching programmes of any scale to us which allows us to include many additional benefits and a range of added-value services.

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